Nancy Pelosi

Subject: Nancy Pelosi
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 31 Jul 2019

Nancy your colleagues is speaking loudly & clearly and well most of americans want you to open a impeachment inquiry on Donald Trump. whether or not it would get to the senate for a vote on removing Trump from office at least listen to your Democrats members that support a impeachment inquiry .I personally haven't much of Mueller report just some pages hear & their on volume 1 but ,what I read in the report as well the media is reporting on the air it clearly that Donald Trump & his campaign some of his members was working with the Russians DNC hacking of emails insisted by Trump the trump towers meeting and by trump was trying to stop the investigation on several occasions by trying to get Don Mcgahn to fire Mueller. you heard from Mueller himself that the Russians is going to try & interfere again in 2020 as well from Dan Coasts . Mitch Mcconnell isn't willing to take a bill election security for 2020 to secure americans votes Donald Trump made it clear that he willing to get dirt on his opponent from a foreign country to get reelected in 2020.So now it's time to really consider a impeachment inquiry investigation or it will be perhaps to late when election 2020 comes around seeing the Russians is still at it interfering who knows in who favor Trump or democrats it will be a total mess of confusion in 2020. at least consider impeachment inquiry for the sake of all americans voters