To My Son's Insidious Mistress...Meth

Subject: To My Son's Insidious Mistress...Meth
From: A Mother With a Broken Heart
Date: 31 Jul 2018

Dear Meth,

You seduced my sweet son when he was 23 years old. With your promise of ecstasy, you swept him up into your arms where he's clung to you for the past 15 years. Oh yes, there were times he turned his back on you and stayed away for several years at a time. But you were always there. A shadow lurking behind him just waiting for a moment of boredom or a life setback when you would whisper sweet nothings into his ear coaxing him to make love to you just one more time. You promise him love and give him destruction. He believes you are like the oxygen he breathes, necessary for life. He will lie for you, steal for you and turn his back on the people who love him to keep you pumping through his veins. You have hijacked his soul leaving him hopeless with only your empty promises echoing through his muddled brain.

Regardless of the many times we've fought you with rehab and therapy you always win. He always comes back to you. You've destroyed his life and my heart. I miss my son. My real son who smiled and enjoyed the small things in life. I mourn for the man he could have been had he been strong enough to resist your wiles. I grieve for a family he may have had. I spend countless hours wondering where you've taken him and if this time...will he come out alive? There are days I am so full of rage and hate for you. I don't understand how he can love you so helplessly. Why can't he throw you out, stomp on you, spit in your face, and leave you in the gutter to rot like the life-sucking incubus you are. But that is my fantasy, not his. He defends and protects you with zeal. He believes you are all he has. His mind is a whirling tempest of a warped reality where you are the only one who loves him.

I want to take away his pain and show him his worth. I want to hold him and wash him in my shower of tears to cleanse your filth from his mind and body. I warn you, I will not give up. I will fight and I will pray that my son will see you for what you really are. That someday he will no longer be enamored of you and he will find the courage to leave you forever in the dust of his memories. .

I go on each day with this hope ........because hope is all I have.