My letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Subject: My letter to Mr. Rahul Gandhi
From: Jenish Shroff
Date: 22 Dec 2016

A series of events that took place during past few days inspired me to write this to Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Let's start with your words that you were not being allowed to speak in parliament as you had some information about "PM's personal corruption". You made a rhetoric that if you will speak there will be an 'Earthquake'.
First of all, it's clear to everyone that opposition disrupted parliament throughout winter session, so you mean to say your party members didn't allow you to speak in parliament (probably they know it well that the less you speak the better it is)? You were invited by media to reveal information in press conference but you denied as you wanted to speak in parliament. You kept it secret until winter session was over and even your party members became suspicious whether you really had any substantial information.
Then you alleged charges against PM in a rally in Mehsana, Gujarat that PM received 40 crore rupees from Sahara-Birla in 2013-14.
Mr. Rahul Gandhi do you even know that you were just reciting the allegations made by Prashant Bhushan (PIL filed by an NGO)?
Do you even know that the evidence is declared as "Zero" by Hon. Supreme Court ? In Justice Khehar words "We are not shying away from taking action against anybody but you must have something even prima facie to show wrongdoing. We cannot initiate proceedings only because you name a big man. There has to be something. If any suspicion arouses our conscience, it is a good suspicion but your suspicion does not do it. This is only insinuation. Show us better material because we are not satisfied at all with this. It is zero for us."

You read out from papers that this much money given to 'Narendra Modiji' 9 times. But my question is:
In which papers it was written ? Because IT department papers (filed with PIL) say that entries were made in name of "Gujarat CM" , "Ahmedabad Modi ji", "Ahmedabad Modi" and PIL also included the hand written transcripts of interrogation with Birla group executive Shubhendu Amitabh saying "Gujarat CM" referred to a caustic soda manufacturing company called Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals.
So on what basis you referred these entries to PM Narendra Modi on a public platform while even supreme court denies to accept it and when it's unproven?
Isn't it necessary that you should check the facts before speaking out in public or has it become your virtue that you will just propagate false information?

Your behavior showed that you think you are over and above supreme court of India. Rather by publishing wrong information you grossly violated the law. It's shame that such irresponsibility was demonstrated by opposition's Vice President that too standing in front of thousands of people.

Let me be specific, even congress leaders had idea that at the most you will come up with this Sahara-Birla thing when you were in the mood of bringing earthquake. You are again and again proving that you have potential to blow your party into ashes.

Forget congress, you are becoming a nuisance (until now you were only considered dumb) for country. What has become your ritual is,
Irresponsible behavior in parliament leading to wasting of crores of taxpayer's money by disrupting proceedings. Rather you could prove yourself a leader by asking your party members to behave like public servants and debating public issues in parliament. But stalling parliamentary proceedings has become virtue of you and your bootlickers
To spread wrong information in the name of freedom of speech & Defame hon. PM of India
It's sad that you have completely forgotten the role of opposition in democracy. It's disheartening to see to what level you can degrade. Sad that you just want to play politics of hatred and false propaganda.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, what is utmost painful is to know that you are not alone and likes of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (who too recently alleged PM of corruption citing same papers) and Mamta Banerjee are providing tough competition. Competition of how low one can fall, how much one can politicize each and every issue and how intensely one will play for personal ambitions forgetting public and national interests.

Wish this race were for constructive politics, for national interest (but national interest is not in your DNA). Hope you will prove us wrong in future with decisive politics rather than divisive politics.

Jenish Shroff
Student of Medicine