This is my intrusive thoughts.

Subject: This is my intrusive thoughts.
From: bliss_in_deep_ocean
Date: 28 Nov 2023

Hi! I don't know what to write. I wanted to do some typing my intrusive thoughts.
So, hello dear I, it's kind of fudging life. I love my family; it is my treasure. But siblings are problematic. As the eldest child, having a disability need a special care. But little sister really needs one. She is a theft, a troublemaker, no one's trust her, she might feel she's unloved by her family because of this. But I do love her. But I need to correct her so she will grow up beautifully and proud. She is a pretty girl. My three little sisters are all beautiful. They are smart. But even my mother won't support my plan, I'll try. I want her to know her lesson. It's so tiring to see my family worrying and getting angry to her and to their self because of her.

Why? What is the reason why? She steals, she manipulates, she doesn't have a conscience.

She stole money from my VISA card. There's a small notebook that I wrote my password when I got the card for the first time. So, in case I forget, then I won't have a problem. But I lost the notebook. I just placed it inside my room. But I lost it. I didn't find it because no one will know about the six-digit number that I wrote on a random page.
But then, I lost my card. I thought I just misplaced it. So, I thought that I may see it when I don't find it. But we found it from her belongings. I got angry. I want to hurt her. But she is my sister. So, I told her that I will imprison her the next time she steals my things.
And she did it again. Today. I lost my money again. I got disappointed.

But it didn't end there.

Last time, my niece died, for 9 months waiting for her to be born, we got the news she died inside my older sister's womb. Everyone feels sad. My elder sister may be feeling depressed from losing her only princess. But when she got home after recovery from the hospital, she found out she lost 2,000 pesos.

It didn't end there.

From father's phone, she downloaded the online shop and ordered things that the total cost is 800 to 1,000 pesos. It was delivered to our house; mother doesn't have a choice, she paid it.

Then my other little sister's phone. While she was asleep, being in one room with her. She opened her phone; the password required a fingerprint. So, she used her sleeping sister's hand to access it and ordered things from the online shop. And it's more than 1 order and it was expensive. Some got canceled, but some couldn't be canceled. So, they just returned it when it arrived at home.

It's problematic out her. Please help my little sister.

We concluded that she has kleptomaniac or something wrong with her brain.

So, the only thing I can do is to report or consult a police officer of what should I do. I want her to realize and get her own lesson and get a new life.

This life is shitty fudging, and being with her makes it weightier.

If ever I read it again. And I can see that may little sister change her life. That will be the happiest thing that I will have.

This is me. Writing my shitty life. My shitty sister.