To My Guy Best Friend

Subject: To My Guy Best Friend
Date: 1 Jul 2019

From the moment I met you, I knew what we had was something special. I did not believe in soul mates before I met you, but now I cannot picture life without you.

I was always the girl who had a huge group of girl friends, but always felt exceptionally average. I did not know you were what I was messing. You make me feel special without even trying. I don’t have to care about wearing makeup around you or always having to have the perfect outfit or even trying to be the perfect person because you always make me feel perfect.

I thought our friendship would grow apart when you moved across the country, but we’re closer than ever. I wish you knew how much out 8 hour phone calls meant.

You are truly my other half. We’ve been friends for four years and I can honestly not think of one time that we were hanging out that you did not make me cry from laughing. You know stuff about me that even I didn’t know about me.

People may not understand our friendship, but I honestly do not care. I feel bad for the boy I end up marrying because he’s going to have accept that you will always be my favorite guy.

You are my soulmate. My other half. My best friend. My secret keeper. My person. The love of my life in a completely platonic way.

I love you to the moon and back,
Your best friend