To My Grand Child

Subject: To My Grand Child
From: Grand Paa
Date: 26 Sep 2016

My dearest grand child,
Beta, I may not be around when you will read and understand this letter, but I wish I glare your loving , moonlike, laughing face when you grow up.
Beta, when you grow up people around you may call you a girl ,pour loads of advice on you and keep restriction to do this thing and not to do that thing, may always try to make you aware that you are a girl. But you should always be aware that you are no less than anybody else and mainly so called PURUSH of this world. You can do anything you like ,anything and I mean that. One thing I would like to remind you that strength ,be it physical or mental, remains in the brain. And I am sure my child , my blood cannot be helpless ,agonized ,fearful before this PURUSH dominated society. Our father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi once told “ Fear God and you need not fear anybody”.
Beta, do as you like ,think as you like ,go wherever you like but always apply your wisdom, hear the voice of ATMAA, apply intuition, hear your inner voice which always whispers in your ears even while you are fast asleep and beta never ignore those sweet and godly words which never your parents nor I teach you.
Beta, Byron, a great philosopher , has told “ knowledge is power” . Without acquiring knowledge and wisdom you cannot confront or win this world . Some hundred years ago people used to smear cow dung before their houses and pour curd when lightning and thunder sparkled in the sky praying God to be calm, now nobody does that. Why? Because people already came to know that was no God but wonders of Electricity. Beta, knowledge. You have to learn wisdom and knowledge and surely beget big certificates for the society. Beta I am sure you are able to understand what I mean.
Beta, good health and physique is great property of human being. Without this a person becomes a big ZERO in spite of having everything – wisdom, wealth ,man power, a lot of luxury and everything. I hope you would be careful.
Beta, marriage should take place not for the sake of society , be it your beloved kith and kin urge you to do. But when you and only you think to do so. Over and above marriage is seeking a partner to help you row the boat smoothly. Avoid whims.
I am neither a philosopher like Bernard Shaw ,who wrote “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” nor a writer like Milton, who has written two famous books, one –Paradise lost, in which he has written life as sorrowful, misery, unhappiness, tears and frustration, ,the only side he saw till almost the end of his life . When he lived his life to the fullest ,then he realized , life was a garden full of fragrance and flowers, happiness, joy and ecstasy ,he wrote another book,” Paradise regained”, when only and only some days were left and left for the abode of peace before completing the book. I do not know how these philosophers and writers take out the sparkling pearls from the fathomless abyss and serve in the golden plate before the society. I can only speak to you what my last sixty four years of my life has taught me. I am also not a teacher. Teachers do not do what they teach. I always remain aghast when I see that that doctors, engineers, advocates ,politicians , police and even judiciary who are counted as responsible citizens of the society, do not do what they ought to do and I often see people boast and derive pleasure just by breaking the rules framed for peaceful run of the society.
Beta, I am cent percent sure that you will only learn what you will see but not what you will be taught upon. Beta why don’t you do one thing ,see what will be taught. You will not be taught in your school that you will get selfless affection and love from your mother ,the person who remains awake many nights to provide you slumber sleep. Parents always remember their children ,but children forget their parents in due course of time. Beta never estrange your parents ,you are their soul. Your mother had to carry you long nine months and four days in her body and bore all your prank and escapade with smile and giggles. But I am sure you are my blood, and you will not forget my words. One thing you should remember that we face the consequences according to our deeds ,bad for bad and good for good. Nobody is responsible for the consequence or the deeds. MERE BACHI , you are not alone, the whole world is with you.
Beta I have many messages for you, many thoughts, many experiences, many true stories, many folded mysteries and off course, many flowers and fragrance of life. I must tell you.
Grand Paa