My First Born My Son

Subject: My First Born My Son
From: MOM
Date: 11 Jul 2017

Dear Ethan,
As I look at your baby photos I can't help but think how did we get here? How is it possible that you're now 10 years old. How did 10 years pass so dang fast? I have fully enjoyed this beautiful adventure as your mother. I have loved guiding you through life and being able to love and encourage you along the way. I know you are not perfect but in my eyes your so amazing! From the moment I held you and looked into your eyes I knew this life would be full of adventures. I admire your imagination and creative mind. You have always been such a smart little boy. You have a love for animals that is so sweet and kind. I am so proud that you have chosen to follow God and I am grateful he chose you to be my first born! I fear how fast these next 10 years will go by so fast but these will be the years you learn all the hard lessons and truths about the world. I want you to keep your caring heart. Your heart will hurt and you will feel pain. The world and people will let you down and you will feel discouraged but I beg you not to lose yourself on things that are meaningless. Love people deeply and forgive them quickly. Keep finding the good in people even those that are over-looked! Don't get caught up on things that are of this world and don't measure your success by dollar signs. You are much more than what the world tells you are. God wants to do great things through you. I know your loving heart will be capable of making big things happen. And always know that you have grace, God always forgives and always loves you. Don't stop smiling, don't stop finding joy, don't stop making others laugh. I see how much you are loved and it always makes me feel proud.
As you continue to grow and experience the pains that come along the way, I just want you to know I will always feel your pain and I will always try to help the best I can. Thank you for being so great and for having such a great heart! I have loved watching you grow and I love the little man you are becoming! You are so great and so loved! I love you my sweet boy! Happy 10th Birthday!! Such a big milestone!