My Father's Day Message For My Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco - Wherever he may be in Canada - Message No. 8

Subject: My Father's Day Message For My Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco - Wherever he may be in Canada - Message No. 8
From: From Appa With All My Love
Date: 7 Jun 2020

Hi Buddy!

I have no clue where you are since your mom won't tell me or give me your real telephone number (and won't even tell me why). But it doesn't matter really. Wherever you are I want you to know that I won't stop loving you, missing, you, nor trying to find you. I hope you received the three letters I sent to you through University of Toronto Registrar's office, although I assumed you were/are at the Mississauga Campus since they would not even confirm you are a student there even though I paid for your tuition.

Anyway, it's Father's Day and I have a special message for you and just wish I could give it to you with a huge hug in person with a special gift I have been trying to get to you for over a year. The message is that I have never stopped trying to be a real father to you despite my forced exile abroad, but I have concluded you have not been given the mail I sent to you at our house on Kedleston, because I am sure you would have answered me, especially when I invited you to bring mom and Dylan for a surprise vacation to the new Disney World in Shanghai, and another invitation to visit Peking and Tsinghua Universities for orientations. I was able to arrange full scholarships and was asked to bring you by for orientations. Hopefully we can still get you a Master's Degree from Tsinghua which is really a great university and considered to be the MIT of Asia. Yeah I know, relations with China are horrible right now, but they will normalize after the U.S. elections no matter which dickhead wins. Unfortunately, politics is a necessary evil of the very worst kind. Americans were always forced to make a Hobson's choice in the last two elections. But I have to admit, Obama really had me fooled until he didn't keep his word to close down the secret U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba "within 90 days of being elected."

We never had a chance to even talk about politics Vince, but really, it is all about money and power and nothing about WE THE PEOPLE - especially in America. That is one of the key reasons mom and I decided to move from Miami to Canada and chose to make you and Dylan Canadian citizens and not American. That's ironic because when I was your age I was so patriotic, I actually enlisted into the military during the Vietnam War while three of my friends came home in body bags. That's how dumb, naive, and gullible I was back then. Fortunately we make most of our mistakes when we are young and then have plenty of time to learn from them. So far I have not made the same mistake twice. You can see my picture in uniform if you visit this website:

Anyway, I did try to come home at Christmas time and sent you a copy of my Greyhound bus ticket to show you I got as far as the border but they would not let me in because since I had a one way ticket I was asked why I had no return ticket. They also said I was "flagged by the American government" but refused to explain further. I told them the truth that I was going home to my wife and kids in Mississauga and I was grilled about where I lived and who was my family, and why I was away from home so long (because they noticed I had an expired Ontario driver's license). Anyway, after I finally convinced them of my situation they said they would let me in if my family would verify my story. We called mom about 5 times on her mobile and at the Music School but only got voicemail and told her it was urgent that she call back so I could cross the border and come home to see you - as I promised for 8 long years. She never called back Vince.

Anyway, I collected 64 Gigabytes of videos and articles on interesting topics that I thought I would be discussing with you face to face, and I don't know how to get it to you. There are some videos in there that had me rolling on the floor laughing and some old photos of the two us during our fun times together, and some things your mom probably never told you about. Please call me and tell me how to get this to you so you know EVERYTHING Emo and Mom don't want you to know about me and other family secrets you need to know.

As for Dylan, I still want to get his autism treated at the Wu Clinic in Beijing which has a very high success rate with stem cell treatment as I have been telling mom for years. She never once explained why we could not bring Dylan in for an evaluation and diagnosis and this was our last argument that drove me crazy. Nobody likes to be left in the dark especially when their own child is involved.

You know when you guys came to visit me in 2011 in Beijing, I had no clue Dylan was autistic and mom did not tell me until 2013. I know that you are looking out for him and I am very grateful for your help buddy, but I want Dylan to have every chance to be normal. The longer we delay this treatment the less chance of success we will have. I don't want him to spend his entire life having to be protected and supervised by others. As family we owe it to him to at least try to fix his problem. Do you agree? One day, mom and I will be gone and Dylan will become your full-time burden if we do nothing. You told me he was getting better and I believe you, but mom told me in December that he was "retarded" and I never heard that word come out of her mouth before. Does that mean she gave up on Dylan or was she just frustrated and angry Vince? I really need to know this, and I think only you can give me a straight answer.

Vince I am very sorry. I would have bet my life that we would be spending this father day together. I thought we would be shooting some pool or fishing, or playing some tennis or golf together and reminiscing. It is both depressing and frustrating to be stuck in New York because if this virus knowing that with a 3 hour drive we could be reunited. I have never felt so helpless in my life waiting for that border to open up. Don't worry Vince I will find you and return to my family, because nothing is more important to me in my life than you, mom, and your brother.

Vincent my son, I have told you at least 100 times over your lifetime, but I must tell you yet again, that I am so proud and happy to be your father and I think you will see that on the video "my joy" I am trying to send you on this USB. If you can contact me on Signal or Telegram please do so ASAP. My temporary New York number is still 646-X34-5X17 (replace the first X with the month of your birth and the second X with the month of Dylan's birth). Uncle Tony also has my number and my Skype is ADMGlobal1. I found your skype back in 2016 but someone blocked me there and I don't know if that was you, mom, emo, or the government thugs that threatened me and mom over the years.

This is Father's Day Vince, and when I was your age I wanted badly to be a father but could not find the right woman good enough to have my son. I thought I was in love with another woman from Miami and I almost married her. But your Grandma in Ohio (my mother) never liked her and always warned me that I was going to have problems with her. She never explained why she felt that way, but told me she would not even come to our wedding if I decided to marry her. My mom was right and I will tell you what happened when I see you. But after 3 years together we broke up. Mom knows the story if she wants to share it with you.

After what happened, I never trusted or even spoke to another women for two years until January 19, 1998 when I made my first trip to Hong Kong. What happened in Hong Kong was truly a magical and incredible chain events of how I met your mom - (Read Chapter 33 of my book Vince). That was the first time in my life that I realized what is true love. Even though your mom was engaged to marry a Chinese movie star at the time, fate put us together 3 months later in Miami and when my mom met yours they became instant friends and in 3 days my mother took me alone into the living room while mom was asleep and tells me - "She is the one" and although I agreed I was still nervous about getting married because Asians are a bit secretive about their true feelings and hardly ever say "I love you".

But a couple days later your mom got me alone and said "Well are your you going to ask me to marry you or not?!?" I was both shocked and happy to hear those words that I wanted to shout "of course!". But instead, I said I replied that I would marry her on two conditions First that it would be a "forever commitment especially once we had children" and second "That we must always be loyal friends and partners to each other." She agreed and on Halloween she dressed up as an angel and me as the devil and we got married - for better or worse. Ask mom to show you the photos.

We made it past the "7 year itch" and some really scary times when the American government tried to frame me for a crime that never happened because I was a whistle-blower and witnesses of government crimes who they wanted to discredit. Although my charges were dismissed (twice) they bankrupted us and we had to open our own business aside from Emo's music school. We got lucky, made good money and survived. But it was a real struggle and mom was scared and nervous about what would happen to our family if I was taken away. When I went to China, part of the reason was to take the danger away from mom and you but this happened anyway

Buddy, I spent 10 years researching and writing my book and I had planned to publish it long ago, but when they started threatening to kill mom when she was pregnant with you, I didn't dare publish it because they actually did kill a fellow witness named Al Chalem even when he was protected by the FBI 24/7. And when you were less than a month old, you were in my mother's house with mom, Emo, and Hominy when our house was invaded by FBI agents who stole my book manuscripts at gun-point. They acted like real terrorists shouting at everyone to shut-up and don't move. You can read about that event here It was like something from a Jason Bourne movie Vince. About twenty swat team members from the Parma Police and 3 FBI agents put on a show that our Ohio neighbors will never forget. I was not arrested, but they took every piece of paper that was in my mothers house, including my manuscripts. But of course I had buried a copy of my manuscripts in a PVC plastic pipe, and took it to Canada when we moved 2 months later.

Anyway, I was hoping to tell you this story face to face but Mom apparently doesn't want me to see you again, otherwise she would have given me your real phone number. That nightmare is over now because I was very lucky to get the two oldest and most honest judges in New York who dismissed my charges twice. Not a single FBI agent was ever willing to testify against me under oath because they new P.I. Ed Reiken already proved they were lying. You can read his sworn report in the last eleven pages at this website:

In closing, I was looking through the few photos I still have with you and I was wondering if you remember our White Knights soccer team? We came in second place - just like we did with our Little League Indians team. We always came in second place in our sports adventures, but certainly not for lack of effort. Actually out of sixteen teams were always good enough to make it to the Championship game, and for that I was happy, because without you son we would not have even made it to the championship. Your great catch got us there with the Indians, and saving two goals as defenseman on the soccer team you got us to Championship game as well. You proved that defense is just as important as offense - in every competition in life, even your career.

Although I am not in New York by choice Vince (the borders are closed because of the virus) I am okay staying in a Veterans Center Hotel. My visit to the Emergency Room was a short one and I am healthy exercising every day and compiling interesting things to share with you. I am offering a reward to anyone who helps reunite us - hopefully sooner than later.

I miss you buddy. Somehow God and fate will help me find you, unless you don't want to be found. If that is the case, just call me and tell me so Vince. The last time I heard your voice you told me you loved me and wanted me to come home. I believed you and I'm trying my best to do that. Please ask your mom to cooperate just enough for us to spend a day or two together.

All my love forever - Appa.

P.S. Please save that coffee cup you made for me. Mom never even sent me a photo of it.