To my ex rapist boyfriend

Subject: To my ex rapist boyfriend
From: Damaged me
Date: 2 Dec 2018

It's hard when your constantly living in fear. Fear after being tortured. Fear after being raped. For eight months I have had no justice. No life. No happiness. You stole my freedom, my voice. But you didn't steal my soul. You raped my body not my loving soul. You may run from this forever, but you have to go on living with the guilt of what you done to an innocent woman who did nothing but care for you. It's a joke to you now because the police have the inability to find you Antony.

I still think of when it happend; i'll never forget. It will haunt me till the day I die, the fear I felt and experienced is one no twenty year old woman should feel. Its safe to say you physiologically damaged me to the point where I am numb in everyday life.
I never feel happiness anymore but i'm holding out until i get the justice I deserve and you can no longer hurt anybody else, especially not a vunerable woman.


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