To my dearest Mother

Subject: To my dearest Mother
From: Rose (kengKeng) - Your unica hija
Date: 11 May 2017

There's no words that can describe how fortunate I am to be your daughter. You raised and took care of me like a princess. You did everything for me, that you washed even my stained underwear because I didn't know how to do it on my own and you continuously doing it since then. How you spoiled me because I grew up not knowing how to iron and wash clothes. Even when you're sick, you still get up and do all those things and you will just instruct me to do the things that you know I can. When I told you i want to explore more things and work abroad, you were the first one who encourage me. You respected and supported my decision and that was the first time that Ill be away from home. That I need to stand on my own and be responsible enough to take care of myself. And I thank you for giving me all your trust.

I want to thank you for everything. For being such a kind and caring Mother for me and my brothers. Thank you for being such a cool Mom and for always making us laugh with your one liner jokes. Thank you for being strict when I was young because I know as your only daughter I am your only hope and you want me to achieve the things that you dreamed of. Thank you for being there by my side especially for those moments when I needed you the most. There comes a time that I made mistakes but i didn't hear any scolding from you. Instead, you guide and helped me with everything. You showed me how to be strong, how to overcome those trials and move on. And I'm so proud and grateful to say that being strong is one of the best qualities that I got from you. So please do not worry so much with your unica hija, I can now stand alone by myself and will not allow anyone to hurt and bring me down.

Here I am now because of you. And I can see how proud you are for having me as your daughter. And I want you to be the proudest Mother for seeing your daughter the way you want her to be. I always want to see you happy, because it breaks my heart when you're sad and in pain. We know we have this special connection that only a mother-daughter can feel even without saying a word. I may not always express how much I treasure your love but I know and you know deep in my heart how much I Love you and how much I appreciate all the things that you have done and you're still doing for us.

Saying thank you is not enough for all your sacrifices and unconditional love. I know the only thing that makes you happy is to see your children happy. Do not worry Nay Im happy, I am happy with my work and with everything that I have now. But I know you still have one wish for me and you've been always praying for that. Just wait, God is listening and he is preparing the best for me. ;)

Happy Mother's Day Nay! And to all the Mothers in the world Happy Mother's Day. You all deserves to be appreciated. God bless you all.