To my best friend!

Subject: To my best friend!
From: Your bestfriend
Date: 27 Mar 2017

Who would have ever thought we would have become so close like we did?!
Before i truly got to know you i honestly thought you were a bit "special" just the way you spoke to people, woman in general was a little odd.
But i was going through my own stuff back then and was rather judgmental, I sure wasn't the person i am today.
I can still remember the very first time we truly meet with out having a lot to drink, I had just moved into my new house and you were on your way home and stopped in.. You sat on top of my tv cabinet and we just talked, from then on the friendship started one that i will never forget.
You would pop over in your free time, we would just hang out eat (cook together), have a drink or watch some crapping tv, it never seemed to matter what we did.. I guess because we never had any expectations, neither of us knew this was going to become a once in a life time kind of friendship!
And the age gap! That sure did turn heads... And because EVERYONE seemed to think we were sleeping together!!
I don't think you ever knew what it meant to me when you gave me a job... But you gave me a life again, I had more meaning than just being a mum, and you know more than anyone how hard that was turning out to be.
I remember coming home after having my son diagnosed and you were there, just waiting.. Never saying a thing because you knew just being there was enough, you never treated me like i had a son that was hard work you just treated him like any other child.. He still remembers you and talks about you a lot!!
I remember so many things about you, silly things.. Like i would turn the music up in the car and you would turn it down, or the dam heater you seemed to love it super hot!! Me on the other hand would have rather it a little cooler! I will also never forget how i showed you that there is more to music than just the sound, you just have to listen to the words and you will take something way more meaningful away... (I hope you still do this)
Just like you taught me how patience is something that every person needs to master because we can never control time!
You changed me as a person, always believing in me.. And telling people how amazing i was!! You will never know how much your friendship means to me...
One thing i wish is we took more photos together of the amazing times, away camping with 20 odd kids, nights out on the town, down time, having dinner while working because it was Friday the 13th and everyone else was going out but you didn't want to risk it! But i will never forget any of it!
People only dream for what we had!!
Its sad our time as friends came to an end, but i believe we taught each other all we had to teach! But man we had a blast the 3 years we were bestfriends!
I thank you so much, and know one day we will meet again!
all the best to you and your family..
xx I do hope you are happy