My apology and our vision

Subject: My apology and our vision
From: Dr Raymond Khong
Date: 10 Oct 2023

First of all I want to say to all of you I’m sorry. And I am going to ensure next season runs better than this. Here are some things you might not have known:

I am sorry because of the tough year you have all had, and a big part of this is because of my late involvement in the committee. That’s on me, and I am old and ugly enough to admit that.

Those who know me will know that I have had massive dramas and tragedies throughout the year, but I am not going to let that be an excuse.

I was the only one on the committee remaining (after Mel pulled out as Vice President) who had history with the club. The remaining committee were new to the club but took over the failing Macedon Blues to save it from collapse. No history makes moving forward difficult. Lots of money was owed and money misspent by last year’s committee leaving the current committee with a mountain to climb. But again, I am not going to use that as an excuse.

Also, due to lack of parental support, I had to manage two teams as well as help on committee. I was trying to drive three buses at once. Well, next season all my energy will be focussed on the senior women’s.

Now that 99% of all of the troubles this committee inherited from last years, we as the new committee can finally move forward. Imagine climbing a slippery hill and every ten steps you make, a landslide pushes you down five. Well now we are at the top of that hill and can rebuild properly.

This is my commitment to you and any new girls who might join.

I am passionate about women’s football. I started with Rovers with Isabel was playing for U12s, then their women’s program collapsed, and I led a bunch of us over the Manningham, who at the time only had ONE woman’s team. Now look at them.

I have been team manager, sponsor, committee member for many years now and I did and will continue to do so not just for the love for my daughters but also my love for the team and my love for the sport. I have worked fairly closely with some of you already so you would know that I am someone of integrity and I don’t manipulate or lie to achieve things. I am always going to try my best to do what is right by everyone.

So having said all that – I have spoken to Guliano and we have agreed that his methods needed some fine tuning to suit the squad, and I am going to be more active on field next season so that we can both work together to make sure this happens – that everyone is heard and has a fair response to everything.

Again, I am sorry that I didn’t do this this season, but I promise I will next