My apologies to Allah Shiv God and to Divines in every form

Subject: My apologies to Allah Shiv God and to Divines in every form
From: Syeda Tanzeela Fatma a LOVER
Date: 18 Feb 2020

Dear Allah,
This letter is completely dedicated to you, mostly my apologies to you. I am sorry that people don't try to understand your saying, i am sorry that people don't dive deeper into divinity, i am sorry that such a beautiful cultural diversity created by you the magic bestowed by you are being exploited only because people want to be exquisite and to boost there ego also i am sorry that even though the purpose of islam was to unite and make life easy people failed to understand the purpose completely. Prophet Muhammad's motto was to teach us that there's only one God but is unique hence people pray in different way just to that one God that we are all praying to same God but uniquely cause God is unique the diversities we as a human experience in planet from plant to spicies to spices they are diverse thousands of different plant and animal beautifully co existing together are examples enough but we humans we want to be special and boost our ego hence we think only our lord only our religion is especial.
Honestly i know the oneness is that Shiv Allah God are the same name of the same Lord and the uniqueness is we have different names based on different cultures but like Nikolas Tesla said we can understand universe if we think in terms of energy and vibration.
I must tell these different names has same vibration same rhythm to it, unfortunately people have become competitive even in regards of religion whose is better whose is more profound and blah blah blah.
I am sorry my Lord my Allah my Shiv instead of experiencing the magic and beauty of this diversity and beauty people makes it chaotic. I am sorry instead of celebrating your uniqueness we fight instead of focusing on the connection with you we are busy proving whose God is better, worthless attempt how can we conclude who is better when All are one. Our beloved fought wars for the sake of peace for the sake of unity to unite the country into one there were no prejudices or hatred for other community i do agree that the battle was against the evil in the society hence all the verses in Quraan do talks against the tormentors but when did it really talk about against any culture or religion i wish i just wish people if can't think in terms of energy and vibration they see from a perspective of love and they understand love if even this is difficult then they dive deeper into there religion, holy text, or culture every religion is complete in itself and has all the answers and the ways to reach you to merge in you to be one with you, so much beauty and love in each and every path in all these millions of path what profoundness. Oh my Allah! how profound boundless and unique you are. I am so sorry that instead of appreciating admiring and bowing to your mysteriousness people waste time over meaningless fight
I wish they could experience the love and bliss that comes with your closeness no one would ever waste a minute thinking anything apart from love. Not only people will be in love but become love. I still am sorry My Love My Lord I am sorry.