My American Dream

Subject: My American Dream
From: Andy
Date: 26 Feb 2019

My American dream

I am writing this writing from the viewpoint of me, in the land of the brave and the home of the free.
They say it's the greatest in all of the world, where pride in your culture makes flags wave unfurled.
Our people a mix from cultures abroad, from the high Andes mountains to the flatlands of sod.
We're yellow and white and brown and dark blue, we have different religions and some have none too.
We war with each other when our leaders crave power, we sell all our time and our lives by the hour.
We overextend from our bank account monies, to buy fancy homes and fine things for our honeys.
We're taxed on the taxes on top of a tax, these aren't just assumptions, not speculation but facts!
The irony is that we came to this land to escape massive taxes by a monarchies hand.
Now many years later thru corruption and theft, we're in the very same position we were when we left.
I suppose that we shouldn't complain we can't win, after all we're the dumbasses that voted them in.
We work all our lives until we get old, very few really living, doing great things, being bold!
The ones that are working to strive and succeed, are envied and hated, and scoffed, quite indeed!
They're told that they're lucky, or didn't build it alone, without help from big government to throw them a bone.
They're penalized, scrutinized, taxed and then fined, they pay ridiculous fees for licensing and permits of all kind, the government then says that it isn't enough, there's poor folk out there without half your stuff.
Education they say is the key to success, with a lifetime of payments and worry and stress.
Knowledge is power, with this I agree, as long as the fruits good and ripe on that tree.
But teachers, professors and the likes of these folks just push their agenda, perpetrating a hoax, so our young and naive and impressionable in school, will believe what they're taught by those who will rule.
We muddle along popping pills like they're candy, because the clods they call doctors convince us they're handy.
They make all the worry and pain disappear, but reality is they create a new fear.
Addictions by doctors they say is OK, because they're approved by the god FDA.
They make little income if people are well, only sickness and disease is what pays their bills.
They tell us we're free, and that somewhat is true, as long as we do what they want us to do.
We have laws that manipulate fiction to fact and laws that dictate that white is now black.
Laws to protect the criminal mind and malfeasance by lawyers.....we're expected to be blind.
We have laws for the laws that they do not enforce, unless THEY will benefit somehow of course.
They tell us to trust them with all of our money because they know better, now isn't THAT funny!?
I've grown in this country for all of my life, I've raised up a family, Ive taken a wife, I've done many things in my quest for that cash from simpleton work to busting my ass.
I've given my all in all that I do, I've worked 'til my muscles are black, purple and blue.
I'll work til I die if that is my fate, but I started to wouldn't it be great, if I put down in writing in a humorous way, all my frustrations and the things that I say, then send it out there for people to read, and perhaps, if I'm lucky, I've planted a seed.
My goals not to anger or be malcontent, but I'm sure some who read this will get awful bent.
It's fine to not like me or the things that I say, I know to please everyone....there's just no freekin' way!
If these things that I've written make your blood pressure high or cause you some heartburn or have made some of you cry, I'm really not sorry, I mean, we live in a land, where you're free to not look at the things you can't stand.
My goal, you'll discover may seem kind of funny, it's not the traditional way to make money, but I'm putting this out for the world to embrace, not fight about, argue or run to your "safe space"
From the time of my childhood It's been in my dreams, to earn one Million dollars without lies, cheating or schemes.
One millions the goal I'm attempting to rally, My ulterior motive is it to add up a tally, of like minded people who reside in this nation, and believe as I do, that we have no obligation, to coddle the ones who sit on their asses, or piss on our flag, only wanting free passes,
Our flag is much more than old cloth so I'm clear, it represents everything we used to hold dear, like honor and respect for the ones who have fallen, literally given their all, I don't mean to sound sullen.
So I put down in writing, not a book or a novel, all I ask is one dollar and I'm not going to grovel, for services rendered, I believe apropos, that you can help get me where I'm wanting to go.