MSNBC Joy Reid

Subject: MSNBC Joy Reid
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 16 Feb 2020

joy reid I'm surprise that you haven't presented nor comment about the story circling around that Trump is trying to get African American votes by bribing them. oh course you been too occupy in doing the whole democratic race but, I would figure you would have commented on it perhaps on your show I was wrong! some how your colleague Alex Witt seems to have time present the story by the way thank you Mrs. Witt! I know you don't control on with stories to report on your show it's your producers & executives decision I get it! I hope you're not annoying stories like these thinking it isn't important because it is if it seems that Trump is going to try this again down the wrong the 2020 race is at stake!let me add a few first you don't let your guests finish their views at times you seems to cut them off somewhat very unprofessional of course you have to take commercials breaks . second in the 2016 race African American didn't come out to vote maybe it had to do with republicans personally they didn't to vote for anyone or just plain lazy didn't really want to take the time to vote my view!