mr Dennis Christensen

Subject: mr Dennis Christensen
From: A Friend
Date: 17 Aug 2017

Dear mr Dennis Christensen,

I would like to use this opportunity to express my support for you and for your family. I have heard about your arrest and about the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in general in Russia.

I am not a Jehovah’s Witness, but have come to know Jehovah’s Witnesses as a law-abiding group of people, who have made being obedient to other authorities part of their religious belief. I just cannot believe that a court would condemn you for this. However, that is the world we live in today. I don’t know you personally and we never met, but I hope to come and visit you some day soon in prison.

Last but not least, I asked Jehovah once to help me write something for His oppressed children. The result is the following poem. I hope it will give you (and others) the support you need. I will end this letter anonymous because this is not about me.


Every anxiety
Every fear
All the suffering
Every tear
Jehovah has seen
it all

Every tear He has saved
and the story behind the tear
as a treasure, something most precious
even more so the tears
that for your loved ones
for your children
for your neighbor you have shed
your tears are to Him
something most preciously kept

He will repay them to you
Every tear that you have shed this way
Because He is Jehovah
And there is no god like Him
He is the only One
Through whom all things exist
And without His consent
It will not come to be
Because all things exist through Him
Through His strength, energy

You search Him diligently?
He will be with you
He will always be with you
Even more so
For all things
In which you
driven by love
are doing the right thing
Especially if it’s for another person
For your neighbor

And remember
You will then never be alone
Just as He is never alone

May you be guided
Through His wisdom
Search yourself the straight, narrow path
That lies
In His justice
Rely yourself completely
On His strength, energy

But for all things cloth yourself
With love
For your neighbor
For His son
And for Him
It will not remain

Please hold on patiently
The end is near