Mother, why don’t you love me unconditionally?

Subject: Mother, why don’t you love me unconditionally?
From: Your son
Date: 27 Aug 2019

Hi, mom,
I know that you don’t love me anymore. There probably was a time where you did, but that time has long passed. I know that you want me to preform well in school so that you can show me off to all of your friends, it’s a win-win situation right? well not really... Your constant pressure and disgusting comments have only left me helpless and without anyone to talk to. Your pressure does not make me feel better or do better in any way. A lot of people have told you this too, but you seem to refuse. Even some of your best friends have suggested you to stop treating me like an enemy but you just won’t. You tire my father and you seem like you want to leave this family. Please just leave if this is truly how you feel instead of making me feel like this. There isn’t much I can do for you to love me. I’ve recently come to terms with my sexuality. I am a homosexual, I like men. You probably knew this already. I doubt that this is the reason behind your hate towards me, You’ve never helped me learn from my mistakes. All I constantly think about is what you’ll do to me if I mess up like I have many times before. Try and be a better person in your next life please. Making people feel miserable and disgusting about themselves isn’t kind.