A moment of madness

Subject: A moment of madness
From: USA
Date: 5 Dec 2017

Is there even a word for a group of people in a government soooo detached from reality? What happened to a fair and balanced government? How is it even legal to pass anything that hasn't even been PARTIALLY vetted, by just about anyone...let alone FULLY researched???

At the end of the day, it shouldn't be about party...it should be about the American people. What have we lost because our "leaders" are not representative of actual average American people?

America first? Uhhh, how about actually putting the average one, that you "love" first? How about protecting those who can't protect themselves?
You know...American people. How can any of you people sleep at night??

These people are all motivated by money. Whether by empty promises of money, because hey, they are just words...promises are made to be broken, right? Or the flat out transparency of harmful tax cuts This was highlighted by several news articles.
Our "representatives" only care about money.
You want to enact meaningful change?


Get paid a comparable public servant's wage...you know, our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters, heck, even teachers. There is no reason for anyone to make that much money for the amount of actual "work" done. Cut your pay. Funnel it into our citizens in America who need and deserve, more pay than you should ever have been paid.

Retirement fund? What are the options for previously described public servants? Divest your unneeded private one, and invest all of that extra money into retirement programs and funds for you know, those Americans you are "putting first" in word only. And then join that program. Because you can not tell me with a seriously straight face that YOU deserve a better retirement than a member of the armed forces. YOU haven't lived your life on the line for 20+ years as an officer or firefighter, or any other emergency service worker.

YOU may have lived your life 20+ years working in politics...but your a paper pushing pencil toting office drone, sitting atop the safety of your geography, swimming in your exorbitant salaries and benefits. With the dubious title of representative.

DO NO HARM should not only be an oath adhered to by people in the medical profession. You are public servants.
To quote someone smarter than me, "if that's your best, your best won't do." ~Twisted Sister


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