To Mom

Subject: To Mom
From: From Dad
Date: 7 Nov 2017

You are truly amazing. I could not possibly find enough ways to thank you or show you my appreciation for everything you do. But i'll try anyways.

To the woman who deals with my heathen children while i'm at work. Who does it all.

While starting my day at work enjoying a cup of coffee, you are changing diapers. When taking a moment to catch up on the news, you are scrubbing the floor clean of crayon residue. As I take a quiet walk around the office before sitting at my desk, you are having to repeat yourself to the children yet again, that pants go above the butt crack and not below.

While speaking with a client on the phone, you are setting out a meal plan for the week.When i'm opening a research ticket with IT because i forgot a password, a fresh load of laundry is being folded as two more tumble in both machines. If i'm reading a little bit of my book on my break, you are loading the kids into the car for a store run because dad forgot to grab milk the past two days.

When i get my 30 minutes break for lunch and decide to relax a little, you are unloading the dishwasher only to have to load it right back up after the children are finished eating. While i'm troubleshooting a problem with a co-worker, you are reading our baby her favorite book for the 20th time in a row, because she's not sleepy yet. While i'm sitting down for a one on one with my boss, you are cleaning that bathroom while making a mental note to glue a square of toilet paper to the kids hands, so they have no excuse for not wiping.

So I want to apologize. I cannot imagine how you continue to trudge on, day after day with everything you do. You put so much into the lives of everyone while taking only the moments when everyone else is asleep for yourself. The fact that you haven't killed the children and me, is enough to get you your sainthood, but that fact that you continue to love us on top of that is absolutely crazy.

I am so sorry that you have all this on your plate, and it only seems to keep getting stacked higher and higher. The little bit of help that gets sent your way is often not enough, nor consistent. You deserve the world. I will try and be better and helping out around the house. I will work on getting better with running errands on my way to and from work. I will strive to be more proactive so you can find moments in your day for YOU!

It's completely unacceptable that it's taken so long for me to understand that, while you may be Wonder Woman, Superman can start helping out too instead of staying in his fortress of solitude.
I love you so incredibly much for everything you do for me and kids. Without you, i'm pretty sure we wouldn't make it. (But I swear we will all work to help out from now on.) Not only saying we love and appreciate you, but showing you through our actions as well.

You're my world and I love you.