Missing mom and dad

Subject: Missing mom and dad
From: Bhuvan
Date: 12 Dec 2017

Dear parents,
I am writing this letter for you to express all my deep- hearted love. How are you both doing? I know mom and dad, i am so sure both of you are missing me so much... so am I. I am doing very good. I am giving all the best i can academically. I made some very good friends. I just cannot wait to see you both. I will probably come for Christmas holiday. Mom, are you taking your tablets regularly? Dad, are you eating your food on time despite your office work? All I wish in life is the best for both you because u deserve it. It's been pretty hard for me to manage alone in hostel. Mom, I was so rude to you, sometimes shouted at you. I used to sarcastically comment over your food. I just feel like crying in your laps and apologize. I'm so sorry mom. I took you for granted, I promise i will never ever put u down. I miss our midnight talks and cooking sessions. I miss our long rides and sittings by the beach. I miss our 3 am ice creams and there are innumerable number of memories. Thank you so much for everything you are to me. You mean the entire world to me.
Dad, you are the most selfless person on the whole of earth. I always ponder how can someone sacrifice everything for their kid. You have been our guardian and protector. Dad, i miss you so much. I just feel like hugging you. I just cant wait to watch films and babber all day and night. You always gave me everything I need. I am forever grateful to both of you. You both are my super heroes, supporters, inspiration, and what not! You both mean the world to me. You have dreamt a lot of dreams for me. I promise i will never let you down. I will succeed and give all my best of the best. You both build the strength and courage in me. You made me what i am today. I feel so blessed to be the son of the world's best parents. I will always hold you both on my back. You both are the first people in my life to share anything in my life, to seek for advices and that sort of comfort I get from you both is impeccable. My love to both of you is so ineffable. My life is not just mine but ours. Your dreams are not just not yours by ours. Let's live our dreams, mom and dad. I will again apologize to all the stupid and annoying things I did and i promise to never repeat any of them. I thank you both for everything you both did to me.
Mom and dad, I love you.

From your precious diamond
yours lovely son