Million's Wish

Subject: Million's Wish
From: R Paliwal
Date: 3 Dec 2017

After seeing so many unexpected decisions taken by current Indian Government, which gave good results or will be beneficial for future of India. Today I want to discuss a point from my side, which is continuously making me restless. Although so many good policies and schemes came into action to give a better life to the citizens of India. But it will make more sense when the lives will be safe.

According to me,
Man Power is the Strength of our nation,
Women are the Pride of our nation, and
Kids are the Future of our nation.

I really hope we could use our “Strength in such good way so that the Future of our nation will be safe and our Pride will remain secure.”

Topic I wanted to discuss about is Child Trafficking. Although so many NGOs are working on it and there are so many groups as well who have been adopted villages for the betterment of nation. I wish we will have some government shelter where the homeless kids can stay. Few strict actions or guidelines from our government which will give new life to those kids. Everyday countless number of kids being kidnapped or stolen. More often we are seeing such women carrying the child who's so far not looked like her own child. But we are helpless to do anything in the favour of child so at last we just click a photograph and posting it on social media and if in case family recognized but till that it's too late to reach that woman again and get back that kid.

We already have Child Labor Act but not using it so far. It's high time, we really need to take immediate action on it. Child begging should be banned. We all know this reality all the children roaming around signals or out side malls and markets are not belong to them for whom they are begging, they are being tortured everyday. There should be some government organization which initiate this change and also this is responsibility of every Indian citizen to help our government in this Mission. Few benefits of this action i am going to brief about:

1. Nobody will be there to torture them, nobody will be there to snatch their food from them.
2. Having these kids safe in government shelter, it could help many families to get back their kid.
3. Banned from using stolen kids as beggar may decrease the rate of kidnapping and stealing activities.
4. Not giving money to them is not the solution to this problem. They will be tortured more if they don't able to collect money.
5. Every educated or uneducated parent who can't give their kid a safe place to stay or food to eat shouldn't have any right to keep the kid with them. I hope this could help us to decrease population issue.
6. It will help us to reduce crime rate. No doubt that tortured environment and empty stomach making those kids criminals of the future.
7. Good environment and helpful surroundings will make these kids good by heart. In future they will be the helping hands of our nation.
8. I wish they will have good future and right opportunity to earn their bread with all respect.

Thinking about this true picture of today making me cry every single time and whenever I discussed it with anyone. I always got a sad response that yeah it's true but see at ground level we can't make any change so better don't think much about it just focus on your own.

Today, somehow i got some courage to post it on social media. There is some hope in me after seeing so many changes happened in last few days which were also not easy to be done. I'm feeling that even from ground level i can approach the higher authority which will take an immediate action on this serious and horrible truth of our life. I really wish to be a part of such change.

There are so many good hearts still existing and it's time to use the goodness in us for our nation. I request all the citizens to join hands together to become the medicine for our nation to overcome from one of the biggest disease “Child Trafficking”. Let's kill the bacteria which are the causes of it. For this first move should be taken by Indian Government because without their guidelines and path every effort is useless.

Doing all this is not so easy but also not impossible. Few strict guidelines and path created by government and with the effort of every single human being we can make it possible.

This mission is equaly important to any other advancement. Just think about it how beautiful it will be, “A CHILD BEGGAR FREE INDIA.”