Millenium Apartheid in South Africa

Subject: Millenium Apartheid in South Africa
From: Sanele Ngcobo
Date: 8 Aug 2016

Dear South Africans

Re: Millennium Apartheid, proudly brought to you by Democratic Alliance.

Immediately after after elections a new hashtag surfaced on social media and started trending, it said ‪#‎IfDAwins‬. Many thought the apartheid government will come back and it will be the same as that of Verwoed. I'm of the view that won't happen, however we will see a new form of apartheid government know as millennium apartheid which won't use guns and teargas to undermine the black people, but will use the gapes in our constitution to make sure that blacks are undermined.

DA will ensure that the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. They would do that by continuously defending the unfair economic advantage enjoyed by the minority. Any law aiming to undo the dirty work of the apartheid government doesn't seat well with the DA, hence they are in parliament to permanently oppose empowering of the poor by partially disempowering the rich. In this letter I looked at key strategic components with high potential of changing a lives of black people, I zoomed in to the views of DA in relation to this components such as, Nation Health insurance, National Development Plan, transformation, Black economic empowerment and many others.

1. Land expropriation bill
On the 26th of May 2016, the land expropriation bill was approved in parliament, it was so unfortunate that the DA voted against a law that is one of the main black empowerment tool that will go a long way in correcting the highest level of corruption by whites who used the unfair law to take away the land of blacks. It is of common knowledge that when this land was taken away from black people, there was no form of compensation to them, in fact our ancestors not only lost the land, but they were also physical & emotionally abused, others were murdered while there was no court of law to defend them. In the spirit of the South African constitution, the ANC governments than say, the constitution says we must compensate you, so we will do that, unfortunately DA MP Anchen Dreyer said, " the fact that compensation for expropriated land would not cover outstanding bank payments, meant property owners could be left without money to find alternative accommodation." How many real owners of that land have no accommodation? If you really want accommodation for those who unfairly benefited from the land, than take them to Khayelisha and add them to the RDP houses waiting list like we do for the others.

2. Job creation
Enslaving black people to be slaves of the minority is today glorified by the DA in the name of jobs creations. How do this jobs change lives of black people? They assist our people to move out of extreme poverty but unconsciously remain in poverty for ever. The good example of how DA works is their representatives in the National Parliament, more than 80% of their MPs are white, and the remaining 20% shared by all the others, while white people only form less than 20% in the SA population. Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral candidate abused and tortured his farm workers and the DA awarded him with the mayoral candidate position. Those whom were abused by him are counted among those who benefited in the name of jobs creation.

3. Transformation

I Recently had a robust debate on power fm with Tshwane Mayoral candidate Solly Msimang, whom on many different occasions have tried to downplay the urgent need of transformation, saying that this isn't on top of his agenda, forgetting that where white supremacy exists it is perpetuated by the untransformed structures, languages, economy , social and many other areas of transformation. On 3 different occasions he kept on saying "hands of Afrikaans" , defending the minority with advantage of unfairly having their home langue as a language of choice. It is so unfortunate that on different occasions while defending Afrikaans, he couldn't even mention any of the other languages at disadvantage.

4. National Development Plan (NDP)

DA is of the view that black people from rural and urban areas don't deserve high level of empowerment that the ANC plan to empower them in, in the name of NDP , "Transforming urban and rural spaces: This is the weakest chapter in the NDP. People living in rural areas should indeed have access to greater opportunities, but the proposals here are generally vague and unrealistic" this shows the high level of arrogance that DA continuously display.

5. Black economic empowerment
DA Johannesburg Mayoral Candidate Mr Mashaba was quoted saying "I'm calling on the people of Johannesburg to vote against this system.” what does this say to the future of JHB?

Millennium apartheid will enslave the black nation forever and it shall be rejected.

Sanele Ngcobo Foundation