To Mikey

Subject: To Mikey
From: Pattie
Date: 24 Aug 2017

You may not want to hear from me, but I would like to have your attention for a moment, even though you may not read this.

When I sent you that friend request, you had several options to choose from to allow you to properly handle the situation. You could've ignored it, declined it, or blocked me all together. You could've sent me a message stating that you weren't interested in staying in contact with me, your ex sister in law, and I would've respected that.

I didn't send it to annoy you. I didn't send it to bother you. I didn't send it to be a jerk. I saw you in the "people you may know" list, and I mindlessly tapped the 'send friend request' before I continued to scroll through Facebook without a second thought. And, to be honest, I had totally forgot about it until you sent that first message, telling me that I was stupid for sending you that request.

The way you had handled the situation was to be expected from a teenager. You proceeded to cuss me out, tell me lies and threats that I've been hearing from my step mother and step sisters every day since I was eleven, disrespect my parents, gay brother, and myself, and tell me that my father isn't my biological father, which you have over heard from Rose. And through all that, I was still apologizing for sending the request and being as kind as I could possibly be towards you, despite how you were handling the situation.

Now, I understand that you didn't want to have any connection to anyone in Florida, but you could've simply told me that, and I would've left you alone. But, during the handful of times we were in the same room, you were nice to me, and I was nice to you. I understand that you had to because you were staying in my father's home, but it still doesn't give you the right to go off on me like you've done.

I wanted to apologize once more before you blocked me, but I never got the chance. I never had the intention to be of any annoyance or harm towards you or your family. If I had come across as such, I am sorry.

If you've managed to see this in Selma, California or Massachusetts, one of the two, i forget which one thank you for giving this a moment of your time, and I hope you live a long and happy life.