Mick Quinn pens open letter to Newcastle United ahead of clash with West Brom

Subject: Mick Quinn pens open letter to Newcastle United ahead of clash with West Brom
From: Mick Quinn
Date: 5 May 2015

Dear Fabricio Coloccini, players and staff.

I’ve never been backward in going forward when it comes to an opinion and I know that you might not always agree with my views as an ex-player.

But the club and people you are representing are on their knees at the moment.

I don’t know about you but when I used to pull on the black and white shirt and look at the badge I could feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, and my heart used to skip a beat.

That was just pulling on the shirt by the way, imagine how I felt when I scored a goal at St James’ Park.

Actually, it still gives me a tingle now thinking about it.

Right now, I have never known the fans to be so low since probably 2009 when they were relegated at Villa Park.

That can’t happen again; but you – the players – are the only ones that can stop that from happening again.

You look disharmonious when I watch you lads play at the moment.

For me Fabricio, you have never led by example all season.

Especially the times when you were sent off and some of the shambolic performances.

The players have underperformed in the second half of the season, and of course the first few games.

It’s not like you are bad players if you have beaten Chelsea is it?

So is the problem down to effort?

This Saturday against West Brom you OWE the fans that have backed you all season a massive performance.

It is not just about the fans getting behind you, it is you the players that have to give the crowd something to feed from and something to cheer.

It’s such a long time ago since that happened.

Please play this game as if it is the last you are going to play.

And give the fans what they deserve.

It is they who have to pay for their season tickets and save up to watch you.

You can’t take them from granted.

Earn three points on Saturday and you can walk out of the exit at the ground – for once – without your headphones or iPod on.

You can hold your head high.

Not have your head down and be embarrassed about another defeat.

Give this city something to shout about.

Make sure that on Saturday the very least the fans are celebrating is Premier League survival.

Now is the time to show you care.

Best luck and best wishes

Micky Quinn