To Michigan, With Love: A Fan’s Open Letter To The Wolverines

Subject: To Michigan, With Love: A Fan’s Open Letter To The Wolverines
From: A Michigan Fan
Date: 8 May 2015

Dear Michigan football,

What’s better than a second chance? Free food, maybe.

Well, that’s what Michigan football has — a second chance to win me over.

Being a sports fanatic, going to Michigan was a dream come true. In fact, I think most people who attend the University from the East or West Coast are looking for that “camp-like, rah-rah” experience immersed in sports.

But, no one told us during Welcome Week in 2008 we’d see one of the worst four-year stretches in Michigan football history. No one told us we’d go through two head coaches from two completely different coaching backgrounds.

No one told us the basketball team would overtake football as the stronger and more popular program. And, if they did tell us any of this, we got drunk and forgot.

Did we still wake up at 6 am for hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps before a noon game in November? Of course, we did — that’s the true Michigan difference.

But, were we as mentally invested in those games that featured Steven Threet and Sam McGuffie as classes before us were with Charles Woodson and Mike Hart? Highly unlikely.

And, that is why this is your chance, Michigan. Win me over! Sure, the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans during my senior year was fun, but other than that, all I know is losing! Rich Rod or Brady Hoke, it didn’t matter. The product on the field simply wasn’t what Michigan was used to.

With a new university president this year, the slate can be wiped completely clean. Start from scratch.

Hire an athletic director who doesn’t have the term “pizza” on his résumé. Hire a coach with whom people are familiar and one who’s familiar with wearing a headset (apparently, that’s a big deal to people). Recruit blue chip players with NFL potential.

Nothing about Michigan football was ever great for me, other than the tailgating. It wasn’t really a roller coaster ride, but more like bumper cars.

Going around in circles, enjoying the ride, but happy to get off at any time because some assh*le won’t stop bumping (see: Spartans, Michigan State). Motion sickness, but no upside-down loops or drops involved.

Want to create better fandom and get more students in the seats? It’s simple: Win more games. Produce more big-name players. Beat Little Brother.

You have a second chance, Michigan. Take advantage.


A Michigan Fan