Message 21 for my bestest buddy Vincent DiMarco in Toronto from Appa with 1,000 container ships full of love for you.

Subject: Message 21 for my bestest buddy Vincent DiMarco in Toronto from Appa with 1,000 container ships full of love for you.
From: Always Appa
Date: 5 Dec 2020

Hi Vince,

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy. I have been thinking and worrying a lot about you Dylan, Hominy and mom lately. This is the first Thanksgiving I spent alone and I cannot describe what a lonely feeling that was. I hope you had a nice dinner and some nice pumpkin pie. This year like every year I gave thanks that I have such a great family and that you are all healthy as far as I know. I heard a rumor mom lost a lot of weight and may have some illness. This worries me a lot because she did not have any weight to lose. So if she is sick buddy, you have to tell me.

If you need money or want something for special for Christmas, please send me an email. If the borders open up before Christmas I will come to look for you as I tried before. I don't know if the music school is opened or closed but tell mom I want to help solve all of our problems but she has to let me. She was so angry the last time we spoke and I don't know what I did to piss her off Vince. Maybe she is just under enormous stress? What do you think? Do you guys talk much? If not I hope that you will at least try.

When I was there in Canada mom and I talked about everything and did not have any secrets. But after you guys left China, she just got colder and colder with me and never wanted to talk about anything. I think you know I called her quite a bit but she would just let my calls go into voicemail and only on holidays would she let me speak with you. Now she won't even do that. I tried calling you five times on both her number and Emo's on Thanksgiving to talk with you, but I only got voicemail. I asked her to have you call me and I wonder if she even gave you the messages?

Vince there is no reason mom has to be so mean with me. As I told you before I never cheated on her or abused her in any way. And the last argument we had was about bringing Dylan to China for stem cell treatment which has a 80% success rate in China for autistic kids under age 12. But as the children get older, the success rate goes down. I don't know if you ever heard about this 6 year-old boy, but you should watch this video and share it with mom. It proves that all things are possible and we cannot cheat Dylan out of a normal life buddy. This is the clinic I told mom about at least 5 times but she kept blowing me off even though I saved up the money for the injections and there are no side effects... They have cured over 480 cases and failed in less than 50. People from all over the world come to this clinic with their autistic kids and adults who had strokes. They are famous buddy. We have NOTHING to lose by trying Vince. I hope you agree with me because I still want to give it a go.

Also buddy, you are a very intelligent boy (I guess I should say man now) and you know that nothing means more to me in my life than my family and mom knows this too. That is why she is punishing me by denying me contact with my children. Why is she punishing me? Probably because I was unable to return to Canada and help pay the bills after the U.S. embassy refused to renew my passport to punish me for being a whistle-blower. And without a valid passport I could not send a wire transfer and asked mom to come to China and pick up all the cash I saved up for her ($75,000 in 2017 and $85,000 in 2018) But she ignored my text messages and when I called her she just said she was "busy" and hung up on me buddy. Fortunately I told her to sell my Disney shares to pay for your uni tuition.

Anyway Vince it is impossible to solve any family problem if people refuse to communicate. Do you agree? There are many things you and mom don't know about, but for 485 days I was detained without any access to a telephone, mail, nor a lawyer, and I was not charged with any crime. I am going to email you with names and phone numbers of two witnesses who saw me locked up (thanks to a corrupt U.S. embassy official) and they smuggled out notes for me to get help. It was not the Chinese who wanted to lock me up but a corrupt FBI agent who bribed a mid-level immigration cop $100,000 to pick me for the expired passport, which is not a crime, but an "administrative violation" (like driving with an expired driver's license, or not paying your parking tickets). During this time I became very sick with severe pneumonia from sleeping on the cold damp floor) and they had to take me to the Japan Chine Friendship Hospital where it took me 2 weeks to recover. The rest of the story I will tell you in my next email, which I hope you are getting?

Anyway, I am still stuck in New York living in a cheap but clean hotel. This is the last place in the world I would want to live in America but it is closer to you than Miami where I lived for 8 years before mom and I moved to Canada.

Buddy bad things are happening in America right now including the biggest election fraud in U.S. history (see ) and I am so glad you and mom are Canadian citizens and far away from this massive corruption. It will probably get worse soon. The "Pandemic" and all those BLM violent protests were/are no coincidence either and you may want to read It's all too complicated to explain here but Stanford, UCLA, and MIT have all confirmed two facts that nobody can refute, not even Dr. Fauci: Yes, 200,000 Americans have died from a real but man-made virus, But 200,000 deaths is less than .01% of the U.S. population (330 million people) and 99.6% of all the COVID patients that were infected FULLY RECOVERED! But the news media never talks about this! They only tell us about all the new cases and how many people died. When you put the numbers into proper perspective and context you will realize that people have a 1 in 6 million chance of dying from COVID but a 1 in 3,000 chance of dying from heart disease or 1 in 400 chance of dying from cancer, or a 1 in 280,000 chance of dying in an accident! Anyway, There is a great documentary I want you and mom to watch (you may have to cut and paste it into your address bar to get it to open.

Anyway, I am grateful that you are safe in Canada and as soon as I can, I will be there too. Despite mom's anger and harsh words, I love her with all my heart and soul and I think even she knows that. None of us are getting any younger Vince. I need as much time as possible to make up for lost time and make mom happy again. This is why I asked you on the phone every time we spoke if I was forgotten or if we still had a family. Think about what you told me Vince. I hope you weren't lying to me.

Well this about all I can say out in the open like this and I got a signal app on my phone so we can speak privately if you call me. I am glad that you are an IT major so you can understand how those government thugs were blocking my my emails for years while I was in China but only those I was sending/receiving to/from North America! And they did their best to smear me online as explained here quite well.

If I don't see you by Christmas, don't let anyone in our family take the vaccine which has not completed human clinical blind trials and has a 18%-25% chance of side effects. If you have a Twitter account check out #YouFirst . I am sure that Dylan is autistic today because of the mercury contained in his measles vaccine as an infant. Watch this video and see what you think buddy.

You know if I did not work for the U.S. government 5 years as an investigator, I never would have believed any of this stuff and probably would laugh at it all. But I saw so much corruption and cover-ups that 30 years later I never believe anything Uncle Sam tells us unless I confirm it myself. Btw... here are 53 incidents the world laughed at in the past, yet they all turned out to be true! Just remember Vince, All governments have something to hide and care about their public image more than the truth. None of the politicians want to be linked to scandals, and when they become public (very seldom) they will always try to blame someone who is dead, retired, or better still, another country! This is the real life we all live, not the ideal lives we are taught in schools as kids.

Anyway, I am dying to play some golf and tennis with you and teach you how to Scuba dive in Puerto Rico where I lived for 7 years. I also want to teach you how to fly which is easier than driving a care actually. I especially want to hear you play the Appa Boogie on the piano, and meet your GF. By the way, did you stay in touch with Huni? You made a cute couple! LoL.

I cannot tell you enough how proud of you I am as a father, and how much I love and miss you Vince. I hope you remember this photo and how much fun we had together that day? If we are lucky and mom is willing to be reasonable and talk with me, we can have even more fun times together. At least that is my hope buddy. Please don't forget me buddy because you will always be my bestest buddy I will always love you the mostest!

Love always - Appa

P.S. Please give Hominy, Dylan, and Mom a big hug for me and whisper this in each of their ears "Appa sarong homni da"