In memory of Rolando Pelizza

Subject: In memory of Rolando Pelizza
From: A curious person
Date: 3 Jan 2023

An old saying goes: sometimes reality surpasses fantasy. What you will read in the book "The Majorana-Pelizza Case" absolutely belongs to one of these unusual cases.
The great scientist Ettore Majorana, who disappeared on March 27, 1938 did not commit suicide or hide in South America as some researchers sustained at the time. Recounting this in his new book is Rino Di Stefano, one of the world's best independent investigative journalists, already internationally known thanks to the book "The Zanfretta Case", a bestseller first published in 1984, in which the journalist recounts, almost chronologically, everything that happened to Pier Fortunato Zanfretta over a range of years, starting with the first abduction on the night of December 6-7, 1978 by alleged non-terrestrial beings. In his latest work, titled "The Majorana-Pelizza Case" however, the italian journalist puts down on paper the path he took over 13 long years of investigation, from January 2009 to January 2022. This is how his investigative journey began, more than a decade ago when, searching more information about a mysterious technology in the possession of a foundation based in the state of Liechtenstein (a tiny nation between Switzerland and Austria), the italian journalist traced it back, not easily, to an entrepreneur from Brescia named Rolando Pelizza. This gentleman, who disappeared on 23-01-2022 due of a Covid-19 infection, always claimed to have been in possession of a machine capable of operating on matter in ways deemed impossible by official science. This technology would have been (and would be) able to act on matter in four different ways, which have been called phases:

  • Phase 1 consists of the "annihilation of matter": modifying the spin of virtual particles, antimatter atoms are produced which, ejected outside the machine through a sort of pointer, when colliding with ordinary matter produce the annihilation of both types of atoms obtaining in change pure energy, without radiation and without producing waste of any kind.
  • Phase 2 consists of "matter heating": by modulating the antimatter beam, it is possible to heat an object to 40 percent of its fusion temperature, without destroying or consuming it, obtaining very large amounts of electrical energy at almost no costs.
  • Phase 3 consists of "transmutation of matter": by appropriate modulation on the antimatter beam, any element in Mendeleev's periodic table can be transformed into any other desired element.
  • Phase 4 consists of "matter translation": the machine is able to send matter into another dimension and then recover it with truly amazing and unimaginable effects.

Pelizza always sustained (until the day he died) that the machine would not have been the result of his genius, but would have been conceived and designed by Ettore Majorana, the famous sicilian scientist who mysteriously disappeared on March 27, 1938 from Naples (the city where he worked as a physics professor at the university). Pelizza would have told the journalist that he met the scientist casually inside an italian cloistered convent in 1958, where the scientist had allegedly taken refuge 20 years earlier under the protection of the Vatican State. Majorana and Pelizza would become close friends, and the scientist would later decide to teach the young man from Brescia the physical and mathematical innovations that would underlie the operation of the legendary machine, capable of acting on matter. The journalist recounts that Pelizza always told him that he wanted to make his device available to all mankind, only for peaceful uses (he would have sworn this to his friend and teacher Majorana), but that for almost half a century he would be hindered by unspecified "american secret services". These would be "shadowy observers" who would have promptly stolen his machine whenever he attempted to build one. The journalist thus decided to set out in search of documents, written and/or photographic evidence that could prove the truth of Rolando Pelizza's claims, but the breakthrough came only in December 2014, when it was Pelizza himself who pulled out the tangible evidence of what he had claimed (until then moment only verbally) to the journalist... The book is very well written indeed, is coherent and fluent, and is a genuine mine of information for all those interested in shedding light on this incredible, but at the same time concrete and, in many points, documented affair. The work, in addition to the evidence (later expertly examined and found to be authentic) provided by Pelizza, is also full of insights, confidences and personal reflections of the author (always honestly reported for what they are), which enrich the text with content that allows one to have as clear and objective view as possible of the life of the Brescian entrepreneur, which even with all possible efforts, still remains in some points full of shadows and authentic oddities. The book is currently available only in italian language, both in print and digital format (for example Kindle Amazon), but i really recommend its purchase to everyone (exists automatic translators such as Google Translate or DeepL Translate). It is a work especially recommended to all individuals who can consider themselves the only real nightmare of the rich and powerful elites whom rule the world, meaning to all free people who have not yet lost the taste for the truth, critical sense and the ability to independent thinking.