Meeting with the Divine

Subject: Meeting with the Divine
From: Mitesh Pant
Date: 4 Sep 2015

Growing up in a country like India, I had heard several mythical stories from all religions and had often wondered how strong and charismatic all those Gods would be. I always doubted about Gods capabilities of being able to perform impossible tasks, but never dared to question because deep down, subconsciously I had started believing all those stories to be true.

Several times in my mind I had imagined all the lords and great leaders I heard stories of, most of the time the imagination was bounded by the their description in the stories. Sometimes , during my childhood days, sitting alone I would think what if someone shows up wearing an abnormally awkward attire ? Should I bow before him or just look at him ?

Many years passed and no one showed up, stories faded away and so did the belief, I would no longer think of Gods appearing before me and was totally occupied in my daily chores. Going to office, coming back then sleeping, having fun weekends and then restarting the weekly wheel, life had become almost an unsaid routine.

One fine day, while waiting for a dramatic red light to turn dancing green at a traffic signal and listening to the crap radio, I saw someone walking towards me. He looked familiar, at least the way he was dressed up did. He was tall and was wearing a shining golden crown, his mouth was orange and he was holding a strong golden gedak (gada), bare chest he was walking right towards me under the scorching July sun, It took me no time to realize, after I saw his tail, that the creature is no one else but Lord Hanuman, on his chest was a beautiful pictures on Lord Ram, Lord Laxman and Sita. I was moved to the core. I could not believe what I just saw.

It was a long traffic light and he was still far, moving slowly, meeting every other person waiting ahead of me, but no one cared, some took out their hand to touch him on his hand then closed their windows as only the divine was able to take the heat and mortals were not that strong.

It was only when he moved quite close to me I realized that pollution had affected even the Gods and Lord Hanuman has lost all the charm on his face, Hunger had hit him hard and his body has now become week. His clothes which were shinning from the distance now looked as if they were never washed. His teeth were dirty as he probably never brushed. His hair pooping out of a the cheep looking golden crown were never shampooed. But he had a smile even under the sun, he was smiling just to get noticed, otherwise people will take him as an impostor. He was pointing to his stomach telling people that they have not offered him any food and all the food and sweets are offered to his statue, while he was still here between us in real.

He was not just at the window of the car ahead of me, I was getting nervous as I was about to meet the one I had only heard about and seen statues of. Tough he looked better in statue, it were lifeless, and in front of me was Lord in real.

As it was unavoidable, he banged on my window and looked straight into my eyes, he was probably tired by now banging at lot of other cars and had a tear in his eye. I was moved, I asked with all due respect

What can I offer you my lord ?

He replied with all the love a God can have for his devotee.

A 10 rupee note will be a lot for now. I was again moved by his satisfaction and I believed such level of satisfaction can only be divine. He smiled at me while taking the note and said "Bagwaan tera bhala kare".