The media

Subject: The media
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 29 Dec 2021

I would say to all the media CNN MSNBC cbs abc nbc etc not to cover the Donald Trump press conference on January 6, 2022 . It not be nothing more than Donald Trump lying about the 2020 election and the fact the reason for the violence in which Trump claim a protest that storm the capitol attacking innocent people killing police officers damaging property in trying to stop the electorial vote count of the next president. I know the right wing media is going to cover it basically asking easy questions and spinning it that was antifa or some other group when America know it was Trump supporters that threaten the lives of house speaker & vice president. The bottom line is Donald trump isn't going ever admit defeat and will continuing with this voter fraud claims until 2024 perhaps create perhaps violence again so don't cover this f*ck orange bafoon press conference if you then you're not journalists as repected journalist ! Don't give him the air that he doesn't deserve just for a hour or two full of sh*t of ridiculous lies don't !