Martin Crowe's open letter to AB de Villiers

Subject: Martin Crowe's open letter to AB de Villiers
From: A big fan
Date: 5 May 2015

Dear AB,
You might have picked up that pre-tournament my head predicted you boys to win this baby, while my heart, naturally, is dressed in black.
Don't be sad, AB. So far you've dropped a few backers, looked pretty ordinary at times, but I'm holding fast. And if I had a quiet moment with you, then this is what I would offer, for what it's worth.
Firstly, and most important of all, any success of the highest order is down to bold, courageous leadership. You guys should know; you had one of the best of all time — Nelson Mandela. So my first little tip is to acknowledge that bold leadership is your domain. This is your time to march them out, take them home. The skipper in black has already assumed that role and is mounting an assault, just as Edmund Hillary did. On your side, if I were you, AB, I'd reach out and feel the presence of Madiba.
Next, your key role is to find each person's button and press it firmly. Look them in the eye and implore that they reveal their individual expression to fit perfectly within the team endeavour. Press the button: it's green (with a yellow stripe).
Hashim is your right-hand man, a beautifully strong, resilient player, so don't be afraid to ask him to carry more of the load. Tell him to take his time, anchor and secure the innings. He must bat through in his well-grooved tempo, not in this frenetic mood he seems to be in at present.
Have a shave, AB, you look ragged and rattled. Smarten up. A touch of polish is required. Since that 31-ball ton, you have got a bit sloppy. You need to be all things in all situations. You need to lead like never before. Take a leap of faith. Feel Mandela in your bones.
A big fan