To The Marine On The Plane

Subject: To The Marine On The Plane
Date: 20 Aug 2019

To the Marine on the plane,

I regret that my sister and I could not find it within ourselves to applaud your service, along with other military personnel on your flight from Jacksonville, NC to Atlanta, GA.

What you had no way of knowing was that I was on that flight after testifying at a breaking and entering hearing against a member of the Marine Corps. Despite my interactions with Family Services and being assigned a Victim Advocate, despite all the evidence including written evidence, photographic evidence, and video evidence, despite the defendant’s dishonesty to local law enforcement, despite witnesses who saw him removing items from the home after damaging a window to gain access to the home he no longer resided in – the judge dismissed the case. This occurred after the District Attorney asked me to consider a not guilty plea with a few hours of community service “to protect the defendant’s military career”. I never intended to harm this young man’s career – I did expect him to accept responsibility for his actions, dishonesty, and mistreatment of me; and to conduct himself as a true Marine.

So I’m afraid that the additional victimization by the judge and sergeant major, in addition to the emotional, mental, verbal, and sexual abuse I have been subjected to by a member of the Marine Corps was too deep, too fresh, and too painful for my sister and I to remember that there are still Marines who stand for honor, courage, and commitment. My father set the standard for what Marine means to our family.

My sister informed our parents that you graciously apologized for assuming the worst of us and for whatever actions or behavior that caused us not to applaud your service. Although you did not owe us an apology for the disgraceful behavior of another member of the Marine Corps, you provided it at a time when we needed it the most. And my entire family thanks you for your service, your honor, your courage, and your commitment.

Very Respectfully,

The Daughter of a Marine