To The Man Who Sexually Assaulted Me

Subject: To The Man Who Sexually Assaulted Me
From: I refuse to be your victim
Date: 10 Jan 2019


You know who you are and you know what you did.

Did hugging me in the office reception not satisfy you enough that you had to shove you hand down my jeans and try to claim what wasn't yours?

Did the months of lying to HR and the police make you feel happy?
because you managed to get away with just a slap on the wrist.

Did the path you lead me down satisfy you? You lead me astray i thought it was normal to be grabbed after you got away with it, I thought it was normal to be raped, assaulted and used as a piece of meat for mens satisfaction.

Did the blood dripping down my arms and thighs bring colour to you world?

Did my suicide attempt finally help you breath?

I have been giving a second chance and I am not letting you take that away from me, I am not letting everyone take your side.

I have moved on, I am in a stable relationship and a decent job.

I am sorry I had a flirtatious personality, I am sorry my jeans may have been a little too tight that it gave you the wrong impression.

Thank you for taking my old life because I am finally breathing I am finally free from your emotional prison you put me in.

I refuse to be your victim and I refuse any other female to be your victim.