Mama tried

Subject: Mama tried
From: The mother you never wanted
Date: 3 Mar 2020

Mama tried.
To get you to see things for yourself instead of chasing this false reality you have created. Everyone is so unfair to you! No one should tell you anything! You poor child. People need to stop keeping you from living your life!
Mama tried.
To make you see the terrible choices you were making. The addiction we all saw coming fast and loud. It never mattered who you had to run over or who you had to betray, you did it, and you were merely a victim!
Mama tried.
To make you understand decisions you make now do matter in the future. How’s college going? No family, friends that will party with you, but don’t care about the hole that is left inside of you that no amount of sex, drugs, or booze will ever fill. Those children that looked up to you now see you as a role model for something they never want to be.
Mama tried.
To stop your spiral, but being popular just mattered so much more than anything. How popular are you now? You can’t even make it to simple classes. Great friends can’t even believe how much you’ve changed and how much you remind them of that person you said you never wanted to be.
Mama tried, mama tried, mama tried.
To give you everything you needed to succeed in life, but you just threw that all away. Now you will be lonely. Your enablers will disappear and you will be alone. The biggest enablers you still have will tell you that will never happen as they give you money or things to cover up guilt for mistakes they have made or give themselves some sense of being a savior.
Mama tried. Mama can’t save you. You need to save yourself, but until you want to, enjoy your trip to rock bottom.