Macedonian Terorist living in USA

Subject: Macedonian Terorist living in USA
From: The voice
Date: 30 Oct 2018

I want to tell Americans about terrorist thats living in USA for almost 15 years or so. The name of the person is called Jane Trajkovski. Born in Bitola I believe in 1976 in area called Genimale. Jane Trajkovski was one of the main people that was organizing the people to go and protest in front of US embassy in Skopje. He and the group of 20 other people were going from University to University and calling people to come down and go in front of US embassy. In case somebody didnt go down, was called chicken , and other bad names. During those protest US embassy was burned. The people who organize this thing had very strong ties with Arkan, terrorist who work for Miloshevich. Strange the same people didnt go to protest in front of Serbian Embassy in Skopje, when Arkan was killing Muslim children and Kids. After 2-3 years hold and behold Jane got visa and stay in USA. This is really strange, because under US law, the person who attack US embassy is called Terrorist and it is person non grata in USA. Who allow Jane as terrorist to go to US? I know Jane had special Ties with UDBA (secret Macedonian police). My guess somebody from UDBA give him clearance and allow to enter USA. In USA somebody had to give him sponsorship and provide work for him and the family. Why anybody would allow Terrorist who called USA bad names and burn usa embassy to be allow to work and prosper in USA? Does he has other mission in USA? Why he didnt go to Australia, Germany? What will happen to person if he burns Russian or Iranian Embassy and go to live in Russia or Iran?? USA people need to think deep. You job and the job of you families was given to a terrorist. Jane doesnt have ANY outstanding achievement. He might be even college drop out. If he would stay in Macedonia, chances were that he would be unemployed. Many people supported Jane saying how smart and clever he is. But there is no official record to show this. Which proves that it is made up story from UDBA.
The expenses of burning the US embassy in Skopje, I would say are anywhere between 20-50 million dollars. Not to mention the fear and the trauma that the employees had to had during this event. If they were not evacuated probably the female staff would be rapped.
I would say that we dont need any statements from any person from Macedonia. All we need is CIA to show us the videos in front of the Embassy BUT also the videos that they took in bulevar Partizan in Skopje (I know they have it and this oration was going on for 4-5 hours at least. So we need ALL the videos not just 2-3 minutes video). Which will show clear picture that Jane Trajkovski was one of the MAIN provocateur that ask people to go to burn embassy and to spit on USA culture and values.
If this is true, the Federal Govement should open case for terrorism against Jane. And also case for the people who sponsor him to enter or stay in USA. Because they lied and cover up facts about clear terrorist activity of Jane.
Why USA people need to pay 50 million in damages and need to feed and provide for the family of Jane, when he obviously want to see USA burn. Maybe he can go and live in Serbia and work for Arkan if he is so clever.
All I'm saying USA people dont be taken as a fulls.
Personal Statement. I'm not scared from this people. If they dont have support of UDBA and million of dollars spying equipment they are nothing but big c**nt.