local U.S cities mayors

Subject: local U.S cities mayors
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 19 Oct 2019

May be I shouldn't present but, I'm going to you mayors &lawenforcement is getting taking advantage of by The Trump campaign by covering protecting Donald J Trump for basically free not getting paid for your service not right! So far the only news media is covering this story is Cnn . You mayors need to insist that The Trump campaign pay your law enforcement up front if going to have these rallies across the coutries.As reported just recently The Trump campaign hasn't pay security staff for the rallies in ten states including in El Paso Texas back in February!The campaign is raising a whole lot of money from Trump's wealthy donors as well the RNC so I'm they can pay for security protection! Donald Trump is making money while being President with his hotel in Washington along with his real estate he stiffing taxpayers everyday when he goes on his golf trips his parade back in July 4, 2019 incongress hasn't gotten the bill for this celebration party of Trump that I know of.This been a pattern of Donald Trump of not paying people whether it be contractors business partners employees etc! You mayors need to get a spine stand up to Trump get your money up front or take him to court. Just my view