to local & cable news male anchors

Subject: to local & cable news male anchors
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 26 Jan 2019

To male anchors.

I have nothing against the male anchors just let say personally I like the local&cable news female anchors a little more. The style & presentation on how the female news anchors presents the news in a caring manner as well professional some female anchors can be annoying somewhat very full of themselves, however the female anchors more better to watch & listen to when presenting the news!So if for some reason that I prefer to follow woman more on social media or google etc then males I'm more fascinated with woman more much more then males in which a lot of these male anchors can be also really full of themselves as well arrogant on great they think they are personally it's annoying as well as arrogants of a lot female anchors too.the female anchors you rock!