Listen A

Subject: Listen A
From: You know who
Date: 2 Mar 2021

Listen A, I am no longer what you met almost seven years ago. I no longer feel like writing sweet letters to satisfy your hunger for tenderness. What do you want from me? Years ago, for months you didn't want to answer honestly even about your real name (I had to find out for myself), you didn't write me a single word until your wedding day, while after you wrote several, you want to have a dialogue only when you wish (letting me know that you know you were wrong to behave like that years ago, by responding badly) I have not quite understood the meaning of your last letter and frankly I am not interested in finding out. You are free to share friendship and tenderness with whoever you want but NOT with me: it's too late and you can't fix it anymore, because I don't trust you anymore. (If that's what you were trying to ask me). Is life how people do it? I agree. But I'll tell you more: I am completely ready to take responsibility for my mistakes and "pay the pledge" if necessary. Opening or closing the blinds is my choice now.