To LGBT Trump suporters

Subject: To LGBT Trump suporters
Date: 25 Oct 2019

Have you been paying attention to the man you call our president? Have you been seeing what he has been doing to our people? He has legalized the right for YOUR employer to FIRE you for your sexuality or gender identity, yet you still worship him. How can you support someone who is actively trying to make your life hell? The number of transphobic and homophobic comment Trump has made scares me. His hateful grip is toxic, it spreads and festers leaving a wound in our community. This year at pride I saw a pro-Trump booth, it’s not just the fact that he is invading spaces that should be safe, but the people in the booth were handing out pro-NRA stickers. Don’t they remember what happened in Orlando, the mass hate crime that killed 49 and left 53 injured. If anything Trump is encouraging more and more hate crimes to take place. The protections we once had are vanishing. Don’t just stand there doing nothing.