A Letter to the Victim's Commissioner regarding her criminal negligence and failures

Subject: A Letter to the Victim's Commissioner regarding her criminal negligence and failures
From: JJ
Date: 23 Mar 2018

Dear Victim's Commissioner,

Please accept this as a formal complaint against yourself from one of the many victims who you fail, although in my case this appears to be more serious than just 'failure' and more about deliberate protection of wrongdoers. Your actions are causing harm to an abuse victim and it is time for you to seek other occupation, especially as victims have found you useless and ineffectual, and a twitter poll was done on your effectiveness, and you were found to have failed, ignored and snubbed a majority of victims.

Your role appears to be as a figurehead that the government felt under presssure to create, and who can churn out necessary PR material as needed. And that is a waste of taxpayers' money.

You have only contacted me once regarding the very serious injustices against me, which include cover-up and defamation. Your response was a very shabby one, in which you spelled my name wrong and tried to minimize the seriousness and complexity of the complaint down to being about sexual abuse, which, although part of it, is very far from the full picture.
You ignored my complaint about this, you ignored my continued pleas to you for the ongoing serious injustice to be dealt with. You acted as if you didn't care, weren't interested, and didn't even apologize for your mis-spelling of my name, and then you blocked my emails.

As my abusers know, blocking my emails doesn't, and never will, make the wrongdoing go away.
Now would you like to explain why you are protecting high profile abusers at the expense of a victim? Why you have blocked a victim?
And why you would be willing to see these abusers go on abusing a victim, while you spend your time meeting with police and crime commissioners who snub and ignore victims because their job, whatever it is, presumably similar to yours, PR, is nothing to do with victims?

It isn't fair on victims or the vulnerable for you to hold your position. It isn't fair for you to pose for the cameras for government PR and pretend to be to do with victims and their suffering. Your work has no purpose, no meaning, and is a terrible delusion.
Wouldn't it be better for me and other victims to have a minister who is there for the rights and justice of victims?
Blocking me when the wrongdoing of my abusers is evidence and prolifically evident, but they are high profile indicates that you couldn't care less or that you are willing to hear their side and not mine. Now that isn't a victim's commissioner, that is a high profile cover-up officer who loves to pose and pretend with regards abuse, giving you a lot in common with both my high profile abusers and the police and crime commissioners.

Your mis-spelling of my name and distortion of my case to make it into just sexual abuse wasn't acceptable, your lack of apology or response wasn't acceptable, and your blocking of my emails certainly isn't acceptable.

You aren't a victim's commissioner, you are a PR stuntman and an abuser protector.

What was astounding about your aimless website was that they tried to use your husband's death as PR for you, claiming you had been working hard for victims since your husband died, do you know how that sounds? It sounds a lot like some of the PR that my high-profile abusers come out with, those abusers that you are protecting by blocking me.

Now, it is time for you to respond properly to me and to apologize, but judging by your lack of integrity or standards at all so far, you aren't going to do so. So please resign so that you can be replaced by a genuine source of support and change for the voiceless vulnerable. Right now you are on the level of abusers and willing to silence their victims for them.

This is a formal complaint. And this is the case that you are being asked to deal with but are unable to stand up to the powerful abusers or unwilling to: