Letter to the sexual victims

Subject: Letter to the sexual victims
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 17 Nov 2017

I want to say to all the victims that was sexually assaulted whether by politicians or your average americans it take courage to come out to the camera &share your stories to the american people. Let me say it take guts & courage to face the media in what you all victims when through with your accusers. Don't take this the wrong way to all the victims it took many of you many years to tell your stories just have to ask why did it take so long to tell your stories ? you say that you're afraid of what people would think about you or people wouldn't believe your stories perhaps getting attack by people. I just wonder was it really for money &prestige or for some of the victims maybe your story isn't true trying to ruin a senator or a average american's live with a false story!again I say what you victims when through with your accusers no one should go through so I give you victims a lot of applause for your courage!