Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

Subject: Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia
From: Catherine Smith - concerned citizen.
Date: 24 Nov 2023

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

24th November 2023

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing to you as a gravely concerned citizen of Australia, in relation to the Australian government’s stance on the conflict in Palestine/Israel.

As I write this it is estimated that there have been over 12,000 innocent Palestinians killed with over 5,000 of those being beautiful innocent children with their whole lives ahead of them now taken.

Prime Minister I have been heartbroken and appalled at the horrifying images coming out of Palestine. I do not know how anyone can view this disproportionate response by Israel and not feel compelled to do something, anything. With each day that passes more lives are lost and the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is getting worse. In the face of such unrestrained desolation and suffering, surely humanity must prevail. I ask our Australian government to send a STRONG message to Israel, stating that we as a nation do not support Israel’s disproportionate response and their complete disregard for human life and international humanitarian law.

As you would be aware there is currently a humanitarian pause to conflict in place, however, Palestinians sit and wait with bated breath for this pause to end, knowing full well that terror will soon start raining down upon them again very soon. They cannot go back home. They have very little to eat. Many of the children are sick, starving and dying. They are terrified. Many have witnessed mutilated bodies and family members being killed. I can only imagine in my worst nightmares what horror the Palestinian people have been through and must continue to go through, unless world governments stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

So Prime Minister I call on you as an Australian citizen to call for a full ceasefire now, as well as calling for Israel and other parties to observe international humanitarian law.

A ceasefire would put a stop to unlawful attacks by all parties, halt the mounting death toll in Gaza and enable aid agencies to get life-saving aid, water and medical supplies into the Strip to address the staggering levels of human suffering. It will also allow hospitals to receive life-saving medicines, fuel and equipment they desperately need and to repair damaged wards. A ceasefire would also provide opportunities to negotiate the release of hostages detained in Gaza and for independent international investigations to take place into the war crimes committed by all parties in order to end long-standing impunity, which will continue to foster further atrocities. After 75 years of oppression the Palestinian people deserve to have their voices heard and to have a mediated and fair process where all parties can reach a just outcome.

So again, I call on you to demand an immediate ceasefire and put an end to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, as well as withdrawing any kind of support or allegiance to Israel until a just outcome is reached for all. Would it not be an appropriate response to send the Israel Ambassador to Australia home until peace talks have successfully been carried out?

Yours sincerely,
Catherine Smith
Tasmania, 7030, Australia
Cc, Brian Mitchell MP.