Letter to my Guy Best friend

Subject: Letter to my Guy Best friend
From: Your Girl best friend
Date: 28 Oct 2017

hey best friend,
I wanted to write this letter to you for so long.28th may 2017 is the first time we met and i had no idea that you would end up meaning so much to me . But look, now you are very important to me" my precious" is what i call you now <3...

We started talking everyday sharing our thoughts , jokes, some secrets and endless fights (hhaaha we fight a lot) . From talking to you late night and realizing its morning i found my best friend in you.You maybe far in distance but you will be always closer to my heart.
Your one text could light up my whole world, as i always tell you that i could talk to many people in a day but nothing compares to the smile you give me in a minute.
And the excitement of meeting you is just undescribeable those hugs gosh <3 <3
You cared for me ,listened to my nonsense, handled my mood swings , what else could i ask for in a best friend
You are the perfect best friend i could ever ask for and i m so grateful i found you

But all friendships have ups and downs and we had our too,
I started falling for you which i know wasnt right .And then we started to fight a lot
And one day u decided to leave me because u suddenly realized that talking to me whole day was affecting you and your time
you wanted more time , more time to learn new things and more time to be free.
Ik i made mistakes by doubting u and always controlling you whenever u didnt talk to me but trust me i didnt mean to affect you in any way. It was just that i got attached to you

But you hurt me a lot , u started saying things like "you dont matter to me ", "i dont care about you" "i m not attached to you" and all stuff i didnt expect you to say .
you started to avoid me more , u started to hurt me more! Is it because you find a new friend or a girlfriend ?
and WORST thing is that , that you were okay without me


How can someone change so easily in a matter of 2 days?
before 2 days you were so good to me , u cared about me about our friendship.I understand that you needed time but other than that how could you change on what u said to me before and all promises that u made before ? Time was the only matter , then how did ur feelings change ?
U made me feel cared and special but then suddenly u started acting like i m nothing and trust me u broke me into a million pieces

Even just the thought of you made me cry because i wanted the old you back i wanted the old us back.

Hurting me was your choice u made your choice between hurting me and between making this ok between us
you say that it was going to hurt anyways but no there are always choices and u made yours :( . I never thought that you could hurt me ever again. I kept so much trust on and faith in u

Even though we have sorted things out but nothing feels right yet, u still say that u would change . I agreed to give u time and space but not that much time and space that u dont talk to me for days and forget me and find some other friend
You take your time but all i am asking is for to get my old bff back
i miss you. I miss us

And despite all the things no matter how much u hurt me remember that i will always love you bff and i will never leave you
You are my smile keeper , my best friend , the one who listens to me cares about me and gives me the best advice. I dont want to sound cheesy but basically you are my everything :)
You are the only person who makes me smile without doing anything and i miss you so much please meet me soon .

i love you very much idiot

Love always,
Yours best friend