A Letter to My Cousins

Subject: A Letter to My Cousins
From: Brooke H.
Date: 20 Oct 2017

To the two boys who stole my heart,

I write this because no matter what guy I end up spending the rest of my life with, the two of you will forever hold my heart in your hands. Growing up with y'all has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I have learned so much about how I deserve to be treated. Thank you for that.

Thank you for making me tough. When we were growing up, I always knew that I could never cry if I was the butt of the joke (which was usually the case) because it would only make matters worse. Because of this, I learned to take things with a grain of salt. I learned the true meaning of sticks and stones. It's because of all the slaps and hits that I took from the two of you that I am able to remain strong when times are hard. Thank you for making me tough.

Thank you for always being there. Whenever I needed a friend, I could always count on both of you to answer my phone call. Whether it was late at night or early in the afternoon, if I was alone and needing someone, I knew I had you two. You guys have helped me through so many things. Heartbreak, mean friends, grief, you name it. Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you for a childhood. Every one of my childhood memories was made with the two of you. I was so lucky to have grown up living on the same road as my family. No matter how far I may travel, "Huffman Hill" will forever be home to me. It's because of you guys that I have such a big imagination. It's because of you guys that I would probably be able to survive on a deserted island. All of the nonsense things we created, all of the forts we built, and all of the sleepovers we had; it's all a part of who I am and if I could travel back in time I would do it all over the same exact way. Thank you for a childhood.

And finally, thank you for loving me. You all have been the greatest protectors a girl could ever ask for. I know that I can always count on my boys if someone ever hurts me. You two have shown me the greatest example of how I deserve to be treated and it's because of you all that I will never settle for anything less. I want you to know that I will always be here for you both and I will forever tell you which girls are worthy of your attention and which ones are not. Thank you for loving me.

You are forever my boys and I couldn't thank you enough for everything y'all have done for me. I love you both.