A Letter To Mourinho

Subject: A Letter To Mourinho
From: Kogoziga Kaba Caesar
Date: 7 Aug 2015

Dear Mourinho,
Regardless of what our rivals say or think, the truth is that Chelsea was the best team in the premiership last season, organized by one of the best managers of all time in the game of football. Chelsea over the years has grown into one of the big boys of world football, thanks to the emergence of Mr. Abramovich and the arrival of you ‘the special one’, the blue family has grown a lot since then, that is why here in Africa, we do not only support Chelsea but we also love the ‘special one’ so much.

After celebrating our convincing title win last season, we are anticipating a wonderful title defense in the coming season and at least a champions league final. Here are some of the reasons why I personally think we will have a successful title defense;

1. Chelsea is the most stable team in England for now since no single first team player of last season will be absent when Chelsea kicks off our title defense in August. That to me will be a key factor this season, remembering that six members of this team were in the EPL team of the season. We are better than our rivals in this aspect, LIVERPOOL for instance have already signed five new players and at least three are expected to break into the first team. Sterling is expected to leave and Daniel Sturridge will be absent for some time.

MANCHESTER UNITED have signed Depay and at least three more will come in and at least three will be first team players, they have already started relying on Depay even before he kicks a ball, forgetting that even their record signing could not perform in his first season in the EPL. They are losing De Gea, the one who got them to the top four finish. MANCHESTERCITYwill surely bring at least three new faces because it is clear that they need a defender and a winger plus they are under pressure to spend to catch up with us.

ARSENALis a bit stable but their inability to win big marches and the ‘Mourinho vs Wenger’ factor will give us the advantage. The fact that Van Gal and Brendan Rogers are hoping to build title contending teams during pre-season is just a dream but I see this extending into league marches, Pellegrini is also expected to gamble and experiment in the first half of the season with his likely new faces, I expect only Arsenal to give us a good competition in the first half of the season, second by Man city.

Therefore, I think if we start the season strongly as we did last season and many thought we were going to end unbeaten, we are likely to be champions again because Liverpool and Man United will both be at least 15 points behind us in the first half, Man City and Arsenal will be at least 6 points behind since none of them has the consistency we have, meanwhile I expect a difficult second half of the season from all top five teams when all new faces are getting settled.

2. Also, to me, you [Mourinho] are a blessing to Chelsea, not only for your talent and winning mentality, but also your love for the club and desire to stay for at least the next five yearsand the assurance of your future. This makes you not only build a winning team but also a winning generation, that is why legends like Lampard, Drogba, Cech and Essien have been allowed to leave. For this reason we were champions last season and we still have 95% chance to be champions this season since is the same team that won it that will start and end this season too. You are the best and with you we have a coach who can win marches from the bench even before kickoff. You have proven that you are the best and you are not under any pressure to perform, like other coaches of the other top five teams.
Since your arrival in 2004 you have won the love and support of all the blue family hence the tag ‘one of us’ .Other managers in the EPL are under pressure to either prove themselves, secure their future or win the supporters, hence the panic buying we have seen. I see this working against them during the season and that will be to our advantage.

3. Team work and collective responsibility is another thing Chelsea has ahead of other teams.To me, even if our EPL opponents buy all the stars in the world, they can’t buy our team work. The moment when the best player in the EPL chases the ball back to his own box, or three of our defenders initiate and score an important goal says it all about Chelsea, is unfortunate that others see this as boring. With this we can win against anybody and defend our title.

I can’t end this without touching on our transfer, choosing Courtois ahead of Cech was the best decision you could take as a coach, because while Cech has made agreat history with Chelsea, Courtois will make a great future. Also, leaving Chelsea was the best option for Cech but joining Arsenal is not the best decision for a legend like him, so we all feel betrayed. But we should not cry all day over this, because when Arsenal rejected Fabregas he joined us so Cech can also go the other way, since football is not a game of emotions.

Let us wish him well and move on,after all if he wins them 10 points, Courtois will win us 13points, he can’t be the reason for us not winning the title again because we have courtois. Also, for Falcao’s move, we are behind you and we can’t wait to see him score important goals for us, I personally like players who have something to prove. If this works well, you would have proven your greatness once again. We love you Mourinho and we support all your decisions because you are simply the best.

A passionate Chelsea supporter in GHANA