A letter to Jackie Rowlands, abuser-protecting disgraced Safeguarding head of the Diocese of Winchester

Subject: A letter to Jackie Rowlands, abuser-protecting disgraced Safeguarding head of the Diocese of Winchester
From: JJ
Date: 17 Nov 2017

Dear Jackie Rowlands,

This will also be published on my blog.

When you put the phone down on me and try to 'bounce'(block) my emails, it doesn't make your safeguarding failure or the abuse of me by the Bishop of Winchester go away, it compounds it. You are knowingly in the wrong and knowingly allowing a very very serious safeguarding failure to continue as well continuing to fail to remove and bring to justice wrongdoers such as the Bishop, the CEO of the Diocese of Winchester, and others.

Firstly let me explain to the general public what you are doing that is wrong.

I am the victim of repeat abuses and cover-up in the Diocese of Winchester, you are aware of this, and aware that the Bishop has done very open and outstanding wrong against me, and you have never contacted me or attempted to contact me about this, nor have you acted upon the Bishop's wrongdoing, which is serious enough to merit police action and action to remove him from all positions where he can access the vulnerable. Instead, by blocking and ignoring me, you are condoning his behaviour, condemning me without having spoken to me or gained my side of the story, and allowing the safeguarding risk to continue and making it very clear that you are not neutral and not competent at safeguarding.

In your recent safeguarding meetings at Wolvsley, why have you failed to remind the Bishop of my suffering and his responsibility?
Why have you not placed him under severe restrictions until he faces proper investigation, why have you met with him as if he is part of safeguarding in the Diocese? His wrongdoing is open and very evidenced, as is my distress.

How exactly are you able to go on operating as an aide to an abuser, which is essentially what the Bishop of Winchester is, as he knowingly went on harming me after being asked very clearly in 2013 to desist? See this example of him being asked to desist, which you will have seen before but will have ignored, but the general public reading this may not have see it:


When I phone you you put the phone down, and I phone to ask for proper intervention, action, and justice, nothing unreasonable. So you putting the phone down is a misconduct, and must be recorded as such, it doesn't matter what the Bishop, the failed and disgraced National Safeguarding Team or the compromised Archbishop say, if you are safeguarding and these people have done wrong and a vulnerable adult is suffering, at risk and in danger because of these people, you are obliged to act in a safeguarding capacity and put the victim first.

You appear confused as to your role. Safeguarding is not about acting to protect these wrongdoers and their roles, nor is it about protecting the church's image, and if you act to do those things rather than protect me and other victims who these people have harmed and denied justice to, then you have failed to safeguard.

You have been failing to safeguard me since you took your role and failed to contact me to start the process of investigation and justice regarding these wrongdoers, and in failing to communicate with me, and in failing to respond to my concerns, and in blocking me, you have shown yourself to lack impartiality, lack competence and lack understanding of safeguarding.

Every day that I have been left suffering anguish because of the open and unchallenged wrongdoing of Bishop Tim Dakin and Andrew Robinson, Jo Waller, the Diocese, yourself, Jane Fisher, and all employees, clergy and Laity of the Dioceses and Church, is a day that you have failed in safeguarding, every day that I have been open to hatred and attacks by strangers because of the Bishop's three year smear and discrediting campaign against me, every day that I have suffered because I have been condemned publicly, and every day that you in your silence, inaction and blocking of me, and making communication with you inaccessible, you have failed in safeguarding, you have failed to safeguard me.

The Bishop in his actions against me, has shown his hatred and contempt for me and for Jesus, and yet the Diocese of Winchester incredibly keeps a lie on their website about living Jesus' Mission or some incredible empty click-line.

My experience is that the Diocese neither knows Jesus nor understands safeguarding, what you understand and know is that you make an awful lot of money from your lie and your deception, and no-one is challenging you, no-one dares to, so if a few vulnerable adults are killed by abuse and cover-ups, no one will act, everyone will believe the archaic lie that they were 'mentally ill' and it isn't the church's fault. No one yet will ask, well why would the diocese be able to harm and abuse and destroy 'mentally ill' people and drive them to death?

You even, incredibly, link yourselves to the local social services who allowed Jane Fisher and the Scott-Joynts to destroy me and who tried to uphold the lie that their criminal behaviour was acceptable. And indeed now,social services still want to turn a blind eye.
Social services, well aware of hundreds of thousands of church abuse cases and the fact that the cases don't stop coming, should be forcibly stepping in and ensuring that the Church, the Diocese, is properly regulated. Not allowing you to link to them as part of your pretence of safeguarding.

The problem is, and always has been, the most vulnerable are the silent ones, and the church have spent a million pounds and 17 years destroying me because I am not silent, and I have to speak until this matter kills me because of that, they have no voice, I speak for them, and as a victim of repeat abuse and cover-up in the Diocese of Winchester, I can tell you with assurance, Jackie Rowlands, that you are not fit for your job, you are not safeguarding, and you have knowingly harmed a vulnerable adult and reinforced the condemnation of her by the church by your silence, your refusal to act, and your blocking of her.
Please arrange to leave to a more suitable position, and make sure that your replacement contacts me about the serious complex and potentially fatal abuse of me by the Bishop of Winchester. If you do not suspend him and start investigating his known wrongdoing, eventually someone will have to override all excuses and ask why.

Use the letters linked here as a starting guide in the investigation into the Bishop's abuse of me, and don't forget that the Bishop's abuse of me took Bob Hill's life two years ago, just after he wrote this final blog:




I know and am fully aware from many years of this serious misconduct by the Diocese of Winchester, that you will go on trying to ignore this matter and ignore me, condemn me and cast me aside as mad, but in doing so, you are making the biggest, loudest and most outstanding statement possible by the Diocese and by the Church of England about your contempt for safeguarding, your contempt for the vulnerable, and your unchristian and inhumane condemnation of me, that condemnation which remains in the unredacted lies and misleading press and media statements by the Bishop and Church, and which affects my welfare and wellbeing every single day, and will do until you act or I die.

Let me be very open with the general public about your blocking and ignoring me and refusing to act.
Influenced by the Bishop and Diocese, and your predecessor Jane Fisher, whose criminal actions will affect me for life, instead of contacting me when you took your position, despite you being aware that I was and am in distress, and despite you needing to contact me as my case remained unresolved, which you knew and know, you ignored me.
Many church of england victims complain of being ignored and treated sadistically, and here is an illustration for the general public.


So, you ignored me, and efforts were made by the church to set the police after me after the Bishop and Archbishop publicly destroyed me last year and continued to uphold every wrongdoer in my case.
The police were sent away with more than a flea in their ear and have still failed to act upon the criminal harm to me by the Diocese of Winchester - you as safeguarding representative, are obliged to stop sending them after me, as you did again recently, you will not stop me from speaking out by terrorizing me with the police, you are obliged to make sure that they deal with the criminal actions of the Bishop and diocese, if you can't, you are not a neutral or competent safeguarding representative.

You also should not be linked to Hampshire Social services as my case is an illustration of their failure to be neutral or protect a vulnerable church abuse victim due to their conflicted links with the Diocese.
If church abuse victims have no safe place to turn, something is seriously wrong.

Returning to the point, as my distress has worsened as time has gone by and you, the church, the national safeguarding team and other agencies and authorities have tried to hide your heads in the sand, pretend none of this is real and my distress is an excuse for inaction. This year I have contacted you repeatedly by phone, asking for you to act, you have refused to, and have continued to meet with the Bishop without holding him to account. Holding him to account would involve suspension and investigation, and obviously no such thing has happened. Good safeguarding would involve suspension and investigation, and as his wrongdoing is open and evidenced, and you have not acted, you are either not neutral or not competent.

There is no excuse for you to make any claim against me in defence, as no safeguarding official of any competence or ability would be influenced only by the defendants in a matter and their excuses, and in this case very powerful, dishonest and influential defendants, defendants who have spent a lot of money on PR, lawyers and advisers to cover up for themselves, while their victim, vulnerable, autistic and defenceless, has been destroyed even for her reaction to the abuse and cover up of these people. So you don't have the excuse of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of whitewash and cover-ups, as a safeguarding, you are obliged to be neutral and to investigate, the fact that you haven't and have tried to block me, indicates that you are not neutral or not competent.

So, you have put the phone down on me, ignored my messages, failed to contact me, failed to respond to my concerns or the evidence of wrongdoing. Failed to take action, failed to safeguard, failed to suspend the Bishop and the heads of the Diocese.

What else have you done? The general public need to know this complicated and clever truth.

You block emails, but in a clever way, 'bouncing' the emails with an automated message that 'excuses' you, a message claiming that you may not respond to emails and offering links to social services, which would indicate to any victim who didn't know as I do that social services are not behaving neutrally, that social services cannot be a source of help, support or protection while the Diocese are linked to them.
You give phone numbers, but if you put the phone down on victims or don't respond to them, you are not offering anything, you used to put notes about meetings on your 'bounce/block' message, but since I contacted the churches that you were doing the old 'after the horse has bolted' meetings, you stopped doing that.

Let me just explain to the general public what I learned from your predecessor. The 'After the horse has bolted' meetings are limits of the church's safeguarding, you wait until abuse has occured and then go and meet the church where the abuse has occured, to smooth things over. It isn't safeguarding.
According to your predecessor, she got hundreds of calls a month about abuse and misconduct, and that would indicate, considering the number of churches in the Diocese, that abuse was rife and unchecked.
And considering the fact that she destroyed, harassed and hounded me and did nothing about my abusers but supported them in vilifying me, that is hardly surprising, but your complicit behaviour is not better than her abusive behaviour.

So, poor old Basingstoke Deanery had an abuser you had to cover up for? And when you left details on your bounce/block email of your meeting with them, did they pass my message on to you?

Make sure that when you get this, you stop making yourself inaccessible to me and to other victims. Stop putting up a block/bounce message and make sure victims can contact you. Stop ignoring my emails and messages, it means that you are incompetent and not neutral, that you are not safeguarding and are not capable of safeguarding.

And don't make an excuse that you put another email address on your block/bounce message, as that is evidenced to be a restricted email as well.

You must act with urgency on this matter and respond properly, it is testimony to your incompetence and lack of neutrality and the Diocese's severe and criminal dishonesty and lack of Christianity or humanity that the Bishop has not been suspended and that you have failed to act on this matter except to try to silence me by blocking me since you took your position.

If you need any more references to the matter to guide you, try the website with my books on it. I would strongly recommend the Hill report and Very Cuttings, although, as Diocesan Safeguarding Official, you should already have read all of these, and it is testimony to your incompetence or lack of neutrality that you either haven't, or have and still haven't acted.
Here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/JJNP

I look forward to your immediate action or resignation, you have failed me and undoubtedly other victims, enough is enough, but at least your churches and the general public and authorities will be able to read this now even if your terrible safeguarding failure of silence continues, and the church's silence, refusal to act on my case and others, coupled with their falsehoods about safeguarding in the press and media are and only are, a massive safeguarding failure.

Make sure you fulfil your duties completely, and that will see suspensions and resignations at Winchester and Canterbury and a full independent (means outside the church and not conflicted) investigation, which this time includes my story, which the million pound whitewash didn't.

Remind the Bishop and his wife (who also needs to be investigated) that prayers will not silence me or take away their wrongdoing. God isn't going to do their bidding while they remain abusive and silent on their wrongdoing and unrepentant.

Finally, as repeatedly and frequently asked, you and the Bishop are to remove lies about my case from your website, publish a redaction and apology, and you are also obliged to remove all defamation of me and untruths about my case from online, and you have not done so, defamation means all the million pound whitewash, all the press and media lies, and why? Because I was and am recognizable, and the actions of the Bishop in leading the three year smear and discrediting attack on me has led to hate attacks, threats and violence against me, you have been asked to act and have failed, and that is your abuse of me and you forfeit your position as your incompetence has led to me being abused and harmed. Make sure you act as soon as you get this letter, and you will get this letter, via social services, the police, the general public or your churches.

Remember also, that Peter Hancock is openly conflicted in this matter and has openly upheld the harm to me and Key wrongdoers, and is obliged not to be involved in this formal complaint as he is conflicted and has evidenced himself to have no understanding whatsoever of safeguarding.

As you know, he protected the wrongdoers in this matter, even to the point of openly upholding them and claiming to the press to give Key wrongdoers a position where they would have access to the vulnerable, even though they were removed under church legislation from ordained positions for their serious safeguarding failures in my case, see this link, nothing will remove these letters even though the church obsessively try and try to give them the thumbs down, and eventually when a strong and stable government come to power, who will allow an abusive and dangerous organization such as the church to continue, there will be an investigation:


71 people died in the Grenfell Tower Tragedy, and I will never undermine how horrific that is, how unforgivable the failures are that allowed that to happen, but tens of thousands have died at the hands of the church of england, from abuse and denial of justice. And I am living death, and that makes everything you do from day to day, under the label of 'safeguarding', utterly worthless.


your victim because you have failed and harmed me, and victim of the Godless, abusive and dangerous Diocese of Winchester.