A letter to the Church of England

Subject: A letter to the Church of England
From: Jan C.
Date: 11 Nov 2021

Dear Church of England,

I am one of the many thorns in your side who see through your incessant PR. I am gradually taking over from John in some of his campaign work as he can't do so much now. Neither of us relished taking up the campaign publicly, because the Church of England manages to be a deaf stone wall and a murderous assassin at the same time when it comes to the vulnerable who they harm and the complaints about inappropriate PR.

John is dying, as some of you know, and had no intention of wasting his final years on the C of E, he's never in his life intended harm, and to be gaslighted by those upholding the C of E because he took a stance for truth and for victims, is beyond the pale. John was part of the Church of England for a long time and gave many hours of his time to working for the church, but we joined the exodus of the thousands when we realized how bad things had been and were becoming.

The Church of England, who have killed their victims, have decided that they have a right to try to influence the assisted dying bill, as if they have any moral ground from which to make a judgement on this. The Archbishop and his senior clergy are working hard to assist the death of the Church of England itself, not long after the Diocese of London assisted the death of Father Griffin for being gay and tried to influence the coroner to cover things up. So are the senior clergy in any position to influence the assisted dying bill? No. The things that affect the commoners of the UK are not for out-of-touch Bishops to interfere with, because our morals and those of the Church of England are very different things. Justin Welby assassinated an abuse victim a few years ago, and only a psychopath could remain, as he has, after what he's done. He is reputed to be remaining for one last narcissistic kick for himself, the burial of the Queen and the crowning of the compromised Prince.

On a similar note, with the Archbishop's extremely high rate of foreign travel, his huge palace and its fuel use, his huge use of transport and his general huge consumption, he is in no better position than the Royals to say how the commoners should live. The Church of England, totally out of touch with the commoners, is making a huge straining effort to force the climate change cult on the commoners. The problem with the climate change cult is, when it's being run by world leaders, rich and middle class clergy and other significant figures, they are the greatest contributors to climate change and they are laughing stock. The C of E's need to bandwagon and preach secular propaganda to the commoners never ceases to astound.

The safeguarding game is one of the Church of England's most dangerous games though, because it kills. Justin Welby's first actions as an unsuitable and singularly the worst Archbishop of Canterbury, was to use 'safeguarding' to publicly assassinate a vulnerable adult.

The Church of England relies on public ignorance and apathy to push their woke and dangerous agendas, not least in the case of safeguarding. Since the current and worst Archbishop of Canterbury came to power, there has been an endless campaign of false safeguarding, mainly pure empty boasting, false apologies which ignore the response of those they slight, and incessant pretence that safeguarding has improved. Until the whole of the senior clergy and two dreadful archbishops resign or are removed, the safeguarding campaigns have no substance as the two are extremely guilty, but challenges to this ongoing falsehood are met with hatred, silence, puffed up clergy blaring and bleating, and harm to complainants.

The recent 'Safeguarding Season' PR event was met with horror by survivors. The Church of England, still without integrity, try to wash their crockery on the outside and not the inside, which as you can imagine, is dangerous. A 'Safeguarding Season' done in silence and humility, clearing out the wicked senior clergy and all in each Cathedral, Abbey, Diocese and Church who were complicit in harming victims right up to the present time, would be appropriate, a PR game is not. Was the dismissal of the appointments secretary who created the current hierarchy of unsuitable clergy a genuine part of safeguarding week? If so, why wasn't it followed up by the removal of all the clergy she appointed?

The Church of England have a generic PR advertisement as described by John, smug plump clergy smiling outside churches and Cathedrals, using whichever vulnerable group they are wiping their feet on for PR, without any care for that group and with no genuine thought of helping them or bringing justice. These vulnerable groups include LGBTQ+, different races, disabled and vulnerable people, the homeless, and abuse victims. People so far from the middle class world of the clergy that the clergy would only harm them with their ignorance if they got involved with them, and routinely harm them with prejudice. Each vulnerable group is routinely insulted and the shows are empty and hollow. The press never follow up on these fake campaigns to check what difference has been made.

Recently we've had the interference in the assisted dying law, we've had the ludicrous environment cult game while the UK is in such immediate crisis - did the Archbishop bike to Scotland? Oh, and he claimed it was like the Nazis and we'd be cursed, another of his mental health episodes? And then we've had another kick in the teeth for abuse victims and survivors, 'Safeguarding Season/Safeguarding Sunday' meaningless PR which hasn't removed the guilty from clergy and laity, nor helped those who've been destroyed or killed, nor their families, instead this smug PR campaign has grated and grated, except for the stockholm syndrome victims of the church, who reward the church for abusing them by aiding all this falsehood. I wonder if they are really able to comfort themselves that they are doing some good or anything other than being pawns in the Church of England's agenda of trying to survive on PR when they are no longer viable. I surmise that it's actually about being desperate for the church who condemned them to liberate them by approving of them.

There are many silenced victims, many denied justice, a number killed - the serving senior clergy are responsible, and some who keep speaking but are ignored. Occasionally when the Smyth victims get too close to exposing Welby, he offers another fake public apology, and so it goes on. Your Safeguarding Season gimmick made no difference to any of that, the money and power private school victims sometimes manage to land a blow on the church that hurts, but nothing else changes.

John preserved the life of one victim who was being driven to death by the church, by providing them refuge. He's been observing through social media, the suffering of victims and survivors, for example Teresa Cooper being left seriously ill because of the 'Interim Scheme' baiting her, the Andreyevs being treated like manure by the Church Society - the Conservative Evangelical branch of the C of E, Bishops and clergy not being held responsible, the Bishop of Winchester, guilty of very deliberate assassination of a victim only being removed for his other wrongs, while his victims are gaslighted by those who still praise him, and so on. Martyn Percy and the Lincoln lot, guilty or not, subjected to the same assassination attempt as the victims who put the Church of England's reputation at risk. During 'Safeguarding Season' there has been no positive change in these cases. But the aim of the 'safeguarding season' is not safeguarding, it is to try to dupe the naive and ignorant, it is to show off to the uncaring and apathetic general public. The Church of England try to outdo themselves with crassness each PR run, 'safeguarding season' is a good contender, boiling safeguarding down to pure showmanship.

John was very concerned when the archbishops announced that they were 'proud' of Jane Chevous, because when the archbishops are proud, decoded this means they are going to use that person to further their deceit. Chevous has done them proud, causing pain to other victims by repeating the falsehoods which fly so easily from the Archbishop of Canterbury's mouth and trying to direct vulnerable to the hateful 'national safeguarding team' who, under William Nye, are notorious for deliberate and malicious harm to abuse victims. Melissa Caslake fled her position under William Nye within 18 months, and other notable employees of the Church of England have done similar, while Jonathan Gibbs was elected safeguarding Bishop seemingly just to reassure the elderly BBC believers that their wills should still contain a gift to the church as all was well in safeguarding, he's done absolutely nothing since. John has been waiting for a response to the concerns he raised to Gibbs for over a year.

More recently, very sadly for us, Jasvinder Sanghera became someone for the archbishops to be 'proud of', it was a great blow because not only was her work respected up until that point but knowing as she does, the toxic 'Asian Network' grapevine, identical to how the Church of England work to bring victims down, she should have known better. Being an object of 'pride' to Justin Welby is the end of any credibility. Once the Church of England are 'proud' of someone, they either comply with the corruption, or they are ruined. Melissa Caslake fled to save her career, so have others. Sometimes, sadly, the church have been 'proud' of the victims they've destroyed and killed, and they blare that to the press and repeat a worn out script about 'bravery' as if they really don't see that this is an insult.

This 'safeguarding season', as John has lived on borrowed time and prayed to see a change in the Church of England situation, you have harmed him and broken his heart as he declines, that is one of the outcomes of your supposed safeguarding season, you've harmed someone vulnerable, and John is just one of those who has been harmed.

The wretched ribbons part of the fake safeguarding season were shoved on survivors with such force, intensity and relentlessness that it left some angry, some shocked, some indifferent, some people are so beaten down by the Church of England's leg-humping tricks that they no longer react, but what you can be assured of is, only the most naive believed that this was a genuine safeguarding effort. Smug plump clergy smiling in the press in front of churches and cathedrals is PR, it isn't safeguarding and doesn't do an atom for safeguarding. It's just the routine throwing it in victims' faces game.

John tried to get on with life and time with family and friends and block the poor naive woman behind this enabling of the Church of England's leg-humping, but no matter how he tried to block this fakery, he was still bombarded by it. He explained to the Canon of Rochester, one of the plump smug preeners, that all of this was nothing to do with safeguarding and was an insult to victims. He was met with the usual Church of England attitude of pompous self-righteous and unrepentant arrogance ignorance, this preener who was pictured alongside the naive woman who set all of the silly ribbon PR up and who claims to be an abuse survivor. John is an abuse survivor, he is used to unpleasant creatures like the canon of Rochester Cathedral, and their vanity and deceit, but he was extra vulnerable at the time, he outlived a good friend and has been shocked. We know about the clergy's two faces, the nice one to the public and those enabling the PR and the nasty one to the ones questioning the PR or the church. This was illustrated in full colour.

We can't get to the funeral (not C of E as the family also see beyond the PR), and as you can imagine, and it makes John think about his own life.
This weekend and while grieving, John was bombarded with the wretched ribbons game and fake safeguarding season, to the limits, he blocked the poor naive enabler of the Church of England's leg-humping with ribbons but she, in another Church of England abusive manner, managed to get to him through another campaigner among those who he has shared mutual support and campaigns with for the past year. John was furious, and being bereaved and facing his own twilight didn't help. He responded by being brutally honest about how this ribbons and leg humping display was empty and an extra punishment to victims and yet another blow against victims by the Church of England.

In response, the he was set upon, accused of abuse for responding to the grating incessant abuse of him and others by the ribbons leg-humping campaign, and in response he was set upon by trolls and shills and fellow campaigners who he had admired, he was told that 'he didn't exist' - what a thing to say to a bereaved and dying man, and he was told that his standing up to being abused by this wretched campaign was him abusing the naive woman who has thrust this attention seeking ribbons campaign on victims and the general public with no consultation and achieved in main just giving attention to clergy PR, clergy in Cathedrals - Dean, canons, Vergers and other clerics, who have one and all been involved in the Insurer and Lambeth Palace/Church House rules for silencing and discrediting victims, and the naive woman who has enabled this awful PR has rewarded them, justified them.

John wrote out his thoughts despite his sickness at being told that he 'didn't exist' etc, and he refused to back down. The church have a penchant for playing the Stockholm syndrome church enabler victims against the other victims, as they did at Canterbury six years ago in an attempt to kill an abuse victim who posed a risk to the church, but John has always been firm, he won't be silenced even by the church using activists who he liked and respected to attack him, because he understands that no matter how much PR and ego-inflating self-flattery the church have got out of this awful ribbons and fake safeguarding campaign, the assaults on John and those he speaks for are the real conclusion, the outcome of a 'safeguarding season' farce are attacks on an dying man, an abuse survivor, a bereaved man. Here is his conclusion.


At the same time, as the preening and leg-humping has gone on, there has been an exposure of the toxic interim scheme run by the Church of England and 'Macsas' a fake charity run by a lawyer, Macsas who have actively aided harm to abuse victims with impunity for some years now and who are enmeshed with the church of england undeclared to meet mutual cover-up and financial needs:


John (Carter, not Allman) said that all the bright ribbons are like flowers in a graveyard, they don't bring back the lives lost, they are just a show. It's a good metaphor not just for the awful ribbons but the whole PR show, because while the PR show has harmed John and others, it hasn't caused repentance or humility or brought closure to the lost, the silenced, those driven to death and suicide. The Church of England need to focus on the realities before they celebrate themselves in the context of safeguarding. The first step towards safeguarding is responsibility, not shameful shows.

The Church of England is a massive ball of deceit, sailing closer and closer to the wind.


Jan Cavanagh