A letter to the Archbishop of York on his Retirement

Subject: A letter to the Archbishop of York on his Retirement
From: J
Date: 4 Jun 2020

Dear John Sentamu,

You are making quite a spectacle of your retirement, which has now be in waiting for several years, and just as you prepare to retire, you are really making a spectacle of yourself, showing off about the NHS, jumping on a bandwagon started by the Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury to curry favour for the church, and then hypocritically making a show about the racism show, when considering what you have been part of, crimes and hiding crimes against children and the vulnerable, is a total show of hypocrisy. Your 'Retirement' came about as a result of the IICSA exposing you, and has dragged on and on because you are presumably reluctant to leave your position of immunity and go into a position where you can be investigated and held to account, and you appear to have timed your retirement to escape the results of the IICSA, not that the IICSA have done a good job, their first two leaders were carefully placed Church of England dignitari, making a mockery of the IICSA and its purpose and making the investigation inaccessible to victims of you and your church.

After k of your vanity boasting and PR, you are now apparently going to give a self-important and puffed up speech about your career to anyone who will listen, your swan song ego inflating after a career or falsehood and vanity and harm to the vulnerable and victims of the church, myself included. Your speech may even do a Justin Welby style fake sorrow for abuse victims for the sake of misleading the gutter press and media and the general public, who think, as I do, that the church's two-facedness is increasingly obvious, but will you finish your final work by taking responsibility for your harm to me and to other victims of the church? Will you take responsibility for protecting abusive priests and failing to stop the 5 years of serious harm to me from 2015 when I appealed to you for assistance when Welby made it quite clear that he openly upheld the corruption and abuse and abusers, to now when I am homeless, seriously injured and suffering severe trauma because you refused to act on very open wrongdoing in the church, you and your disgraced and appallingly behaved safeguarding official, Daphne Green.

Jesus taught humility and to do good and pray alone, in silence, in secret, the chruch of england don't appear to know the Bible, as they do everything that Jesus condemned the Pharisees for, the political interference, the boastfulness and pride, the use of places of worship for money-making, the abuses of power, and more. The other year, your Minster made a huge show over the marriage of a woman who uses nasty sexual images to uphold her career as a singer, it appeared that the meaning of marriage and the church were totally lost to PR and show and use of a sham marriage for the church's PR acclaim seemed to override any Christian values.

If you are part of corruption and abuses of power and position, even to use a racism issue for PR when you have enabled abusers and harm to victims, it doesn't matter if you are black or white, you and Welby are equal hypocrites, but you have been issuing your swan song for years since the IICSA exposed you and it is now getting louder and more desperate, Welby's psychopathy means that he still hasn't started his swan song and instead boasted about breaching lockdown and shielding as he is allegedly a pneumonia victim, allegedly, because Welby is a very dishonest man and often forgets his lies in between telling them, a bit like he forgets being held to account in between PR stunts attacking Wonga when he has shares in them, Exxon Mobil the same...I think Welby's PR stuntwoman must be roaring with laughter at the way Welby blindly repeats the scripts she writes to ridicule him, but his boasting, the same as your boasting, harms all victims of the church, and when you boast constantly, you cause prolonged distress.

Good riddance to you, John Sentamu, unelected leech on the British Public's money, time, spece, news space etc, none of your achievements will be acknowledged by God, not just because you do everything that Jesus condemned the Pharisees for, but because you have been party to covering up abuse and harming victims. I am one of those victims and my life will be hell until the relief of death, and I know other victims who you have also harmed and who will suffer for life.

I guess the church are boasting and interfering in politics more because they are desperate, the recent crisis has shown the church of england to be impotent and a bit of a joke with their in-fighting about opening churches, online services and ridiculous interference in the Dominic Cummings affair, where the church accidentally gambled on Dominic Cummings' resignation and offered to withdraw their corruption and confliction of the government and see the UK become a democracy for the first time, and then when the church realised that their threat had blown up in their face, they did an emergency meeting with Luther Pendragon and faked death threats against Bishops involved to try to make people forget about that rash offer to stop corrupting and conflicting the UK government. Big pictures of female Bishops and headlines about death threats, which dropped down to one death threat and whimpered off into the darkness. The real headlines was and is that the church's horrendous unelected power and corruption that you are part of, is under threat. The church made a huge PR stunt over a prayer helpline, because the crisis has taken away their elderly congregation and the money they naively pay in, and although the church boasted about putting their wealth in the tower of London instead of selling it to give to the victims of the crisis, the church of england is two things, the monstrous and unsustainable power figures such as yourself, getting fat off the people, abusing the press and media for personal glory, and the elderly naive congregations who think that the abusive, dangerous dishonest monstrous church is a 'Christian church' and never wrong.

I don't suppose your self-stroking speech at the end of your endless swan song retirement is going to mention any of the last paragraph? And are we going to have to endure you coming back as 'Former Archbishop says...' Like we have to with Williams, who was also instrumental in harming me by cover-up and who is so desperate for attention that rather than take responsibility for his crimes just as you won't for yours, keeps raving about the environment and even took part in that manipulation of children to truant with the excuse of the environment, basically what he did was advocate harm to children, which is pretty much what you and all Bishops and Archbishops do as you continue to deny responsibility for abuse and the church's cover-ups. Please don't come back once you've gone, good riddance to you, you are a wicked and deceitful man and you have ruined lives and no amount of false saintliness or weeping over racism changes that, no amount of acting about coming from a poor background and using it in your duplicitous career changes that. Just go, you don't even need to inflict your last self-glorifying PR stunt on the nation before you go, I am sure most people are sick to the eye teeth of the church's recent panic boasting with the purpose of trying to remain relevant when rendered totally impotent and unnecessary.

Why are your PR team and gutter press and media having to boast in advance about your swan song crescendo like Welby's vanity PR stunt about broadcasting from his kitchen at Easter? Why are either of you still around and neither of you ashamed of yourselves?