A letter to and from a Muslim

Subject: A letter to and from a Muslim
From: rahmeela
Date: 26 Oct 2019

Dear Muslims,
I see and understand that you are mistreated, and it is not your fault, it is unfair for you to not be treated like a human. It is not right to just take away someones self worth and dehumanize them, someone has to stop this and say something they need to stand up for you. I believe that you have as much worth as me and that someone should never make you feel not enough for them because you are enough for them. I know that it is probably hard to be hopeful and being invisible but you are not you matter to a lot of people, you matter to me. It is unfair to be treated like an other because the way you are born or what you believe in.

They way you look doesn't define who you are. You are not invisible, and you shouldn't feel that way because many people value you. People may call you names but don't give them that power no matter who they are they're not more valuable than you. You belong with everyone else, you aren't in a different category you are just like me you. We are all one and i bet almost every person you ask can say “ Yes i have felt unwanted “ but no one isnt unwanted and if you feel that way you shouldn't, you are wanted and needed.

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, it might feel like you are on an island but you are not just look around you can find the best things in life by just taking a second and getting to know someone, you could make friends at church or school and tell them how you feel, even if you are a little uncomfortable you need to talk to someone and say “ I don't feel like I really have a voice any more or that I matter”. Muslims are a big thing all over the world, not just here there everywhere. 82% Muslim are being discrimination in america it not just a small thing, it is so unfair to get made fun of or bullied just because you want to believe in something different. There is 1,041 Muslim that are bullied that are between the age of 11 to 18 years old. Middle school and High school are the worst years that Muslims get bullied but you can stop you don't have to give them power over you. You are not alone reach out to people.

You shouldn't be left in the dark because of what you wear or of what other people think of you because it is not right to belittle someone and make you or anyone around you feel like nothing. If you really believe in your regional you should embrace and you shouldn't feel embarrassed about what you believe in, you shouldn't feel like an other because your different. Most people make fun of Muslims because there not educated on it and they do know better tell what the regional about and why you believe in it, most people are scared of new things but just jump in with two feet everyone loves learning new things.