Letter about Police Spit Hood propaganda on twitter

Subject: Letter about Police Spit Hood propaganda on twitter
From: JJ
Date: 13 Feb 2017

Dear West Midlands Police and Humberside Police,

Your forces are the two main aggressors in the complaint I am making. I am not in your area and am in fear so I won't give my address. My date of birth is *************

Your officers are persistently abusing twitter and causing major distress and misleading the general public for their own ends.

I am contacting you because I am a vulnerable victim of needless police violence and I am being profoundly upset by a propaganda campaign on twitter that is offensive and is abuse of twitter and is being carried out by officers from your force among others.
I call this campaign the spit propaganda campaign.

The police spend too much time on twitter, quite a bit of showing off and seemingly not much work done.
But recently they have carried out this offensive campaign that frightens me and other victims of police brutality and corruption, and is offensive and disgusting and twitter isn't the place for it.

This spit propaganda campaign is presumably to try to force the production of 'Spit hoods' another tool for brutality and violence by the police against the vulnerable. It makes me afraid to stay in the UK.

The campaign includes disgusting close-up pictures of people spitting, and claims that police officers have died or been infected through spitting. I don't want to see pictures of people spitting, and the police should not be inflicting this on twitter, it is offenisve like pornography, and unless your officers can provide statistics of deaths and 'infections' then they need to stop making such claims, it is an abuse of the vulnerable and the general public.

This is a very disgusting abuse of twitter and a propaganda that gets believers abusing me when I complain about it.

Please would you ask your force to stop violating twitter policy and stop pushing their disgusting propaganda on social media, it is deeply offensive and frightening and inappropriate and is another way of terrifying and terrorizing the vulnerable.

Spit hoods and whether or not they are issued is a police matter, not a matter for them to mislead and abuse twitter and audiences who may not realise the lies and the propaganda and the purpose behind them, while you are terrorizing the vulnerable users of twitter, some, including myself follow the police for various reasons. In my case I am autistic and have a fascination with police dogs and horses, but because twitter is twitter, because I follow the police working animals, other police tweets come up and for the past month this disgusting spit propaganda has left me feeling sick, revolted, disgusted and utterly traumatized.
The police drumming up support for another tool to harm the vulnerable through twitter is inappropriate.

While the police are poorly regulated and often brutal, rude and offensive, they should not have another aid to harming the vulnerable, and their current abuse of twitter only furthers that point. West Midlands police recently made the headlines over a needless death of a vulnerable man in custody while the officers on duty were looking at porn, presumably they would have also forcibly covered his head with a spit hood for the sake of it so that he didn't see anything as he died, if they had had that opportunity, and the new tool for harming the vulnerable will terrify and traumatize anyone with autism, PTSD or claustrophobia, groups into which I fit, and the damage would be for life. I would never spit, but I know the evil side of the police, the side where they harm a lone vulnerable person because they can and no other reason.

This is my letter to the police commissioner.

A letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe regarding police propaganda, especially on social media, regarding the use of 'spit-hoods'. 11/02/2017

Dear Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe,

I am a vulnerable adult who has suffered repeat police violence for no reason other than police abusing their power and the fact that I was vulnerable and the police could get away with needlessly subjecting me to violence. A lone vulnerable adult with no carer or family is easy meat, especially when in their ignorance they make autism and trauma out to be madness when they act on behalf of high profile abusers.

I am neither violent nor dangerous, I am and always have been, a very nervous and anxious person, and the brutality has neither been addressed or apologized for.
In recent months the police have been making the word 'Spit hood' into a click propaganda word, with persistent lies about police being infected or killed by spit. What a load of rubbish and lies, and blatant too. Can it be stopped please, as it is bringing the police into disrepute and they should not be using twitter for this propaganda campaign. Please investigate.

I am writing this after another day of the trauma of seeing this propaganda on twitter and responding by reminding the police making this propaganda that they need to stop brutalizing and killing the vulnerable and provide statistic for the 'death and infection' that they claim are caused by spit before they get any more aids to restraint. They don't like this, they really do not like being challenged on LIES about the police dying from spit, and the police provoke violence and terror in people by bullying them and being rude and vicious as well. So please stop the propaganda.

The police are forcing in the use of 'spit hoods' and using propaganda and lies to do so, and this is while the police are poorly regulated and brutal.

I have already suffered severe and lasting damage by the police, who even recently have been round to my house on behalf of my abusers, harassing me and leaving me shamed and alienated from my home, landlord and neighbours without explanation.

They refuse to answer my complaint properly or resolve the situation. I don't particularly want the police to have another means to harm and injure me, I suffer claustrophobia, and being flung on a cell floor for 24 hours after an inexcusable and pointless police beating isn't something I will recover from, and as I continue to live in terror, I don't want the lawless and brutal police to have another way of harming me and humiliating me, one that has been granted due to propaganda and lies.

Unfortunately my local force, Hampshire Constabulary, who are incredibly corrupt, lawless and brutal and are keeping me living in fear, have been granted this aid to their brutalization of the vulnerable, and with a record of killing the vulnerable in custody, their propaganda-earned 'spit-hoods' are going to be an aid to more deaths and possibly mine. I am so afraid that I would consider fleeing and even leaving the country to be safe from further harm from the police.

As professional Standards of Hampshire Constabulary continue to uphold and deny the harm to me, and so far the IPCC have failed to make sure they deal with my complaints and the serious harm to me, rather than you leaving me at the mercy of these brutes and their spit hoods, would you please make sure my complaints against Hampshire constabulary and their violence and unfair treatment and acting for my abusers rather than protecting me, are sent to an inquiry.

If Hampshire Constabulary behave with violence and injustice towards the vulnerable, they will get a reaction, and as yet the UK, despite being in a serious mess, is not openly a Nazi Country, but the idea of the brutes who have destroyed me for my abusers having access to even more tools to oppress the vulnerable is terrifying, certainly we are heading towards Nazi police. Tazers in the hands of the vicious brutes in the police is bad enough.

I am living in fear and as a fugitive right now, and the thought that this propaganda campaign by the police on twitter and other media, with their lies about spitting is going to go on being inflicted until all the unregulated, brutal and violent police will be able to further oppress and humiliate the vulnerable is intolerable. Please investigate this concern as it will worry other police victims.


***********, victim of police violence and wrongdoing