KOBE BRYANT - A fans Fixation

Subject: KOBE BRYANT - A fans Fixation
From: Nikhil Deep Rai
Date: 14 Apr 2016

Dear Kobe,
So this journey is over it seems for both of us. The basketball journey. You have been a important part of my life. Well you have touched lives of people around the world with simplicity and love just by doing what you love to do, play ball.

Well i have always felt this imaginary connection with you maybe because I too love this sport and ya also because i share the same birthday as you 23rd August, we are cusp's well this is just me being unrealistic. But as unrealistic as it sounds i am fixcated with you.Your attitude, your "no gimmick" attitude,your zeal and drive, your ability to push yourself beyond the imaginable, your search for perfection,your expections from yourself, your teammates and your opponents, your hardwork and your out of this world dedication and work ethic drives me everyday. You are my silent refuge when things go south. I have learned to motivate myself through you and i am lucky to have been a witness to you. I wanted to have the exact persona like you. The same deemener like yours. I constantly use what i have learned from you in my life and i thank you from the whole of my heart for all that you have unintentionally taught. Unintentionally for sure, u were just being yourself and doing what you do.

Thank you sir for the unbelievable games, the championships, the addictive thrill we get watching you play. Thank you for being you. Thank you for teaching us the Mamba Mentality. Thank you for teaching me the Mamba way coming from a person who lives in a place you haven't even heard of "Darjeeling". Do you know where it is! Not really ya (lol).

As you leave wish you all the best sir. Continue motivating us in what ever roll you play next in your life. Love and Respect.

Farewell Kobe.

Just a fan,
Nikhil Deep Rai.